H$U$ is NOT your local animal shelter.

H$U$ is NOT your local animal shelter.

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QUOTE 4/18/2010 1:02:29 PM
Did you know that the Humane Society of United States is not the same as your local Animal Shelter?  They are a political group (animal rights) not an animal wefare group.  The guys that run the H$U$ have more money in their retirement funds than most people make in their lifetime!!  

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QUOTE 4/18/2010 6:24:11 PM
It is true. HSUS is against all dog breeding what so ever.  If people ever would like to enjoy a purchased, intentionally bred dog, you should be scared.  This group is out to get you.

If they haven't tried to put anti-breeding, mandatory spay/neuter laws in your State yet.... they are working on it! Trust me!

This Anti-Breeder group can now go in to I believe Washington State and basically seize your animals for any reason they decide to make up.

They are moving State by State.....soliciting donations about "saving abused and neglected rescue dogs" but that is not their real intent at all. They think that they are saving rescue dogs, by stopping ALL DOG BREEDING.


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QUOTE 4/19/2010 9:58:33 AM
       absolutely correct. HSUS is an animal rights group that spends less than one percent of its members’ donations on grants to hands-on pet shelters (while spending boatloads on a radical agenda). So they post those heart wrenching TV ads and you send your donations thinking you will support shelters and in fact only a minute portion ever goes to your local animals shelters who are really doing the hard and loving work of caring for animals in need. If you want to support your shelters, go directly to your local shelter and give your donations. Cash, food, chewy sticks, toys, time all are valuable and needed, because HSUS does not support the shelters. they support their agenda of  "animal rights", equal to humans, granting them the same rights that you have under the constitution.

check out these websites for truth about HSUS and AR (animal rights) groups.

www.animalscam.com   www.activistcash.com   www.consumerfreedom.com HSUS senior scholar Michael W. Fox stated that "the life of an ant & that of my child should be granted equal consideration"  think about that the next time you squish an ant that is in your home.  When Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting and his dogs were seized, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle told The Times that his group reccomended that government officials "put down" the dogs rather than adopt them out. HSUS later quietly altered it's pitch. 

      The HSUS is definately not your local shelter, a place that deserves and needs your support. They need you to donate your funds, your time, food, chewy sticks, care & compassion locally, and that will make so much more of an impact that you really want to make.

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QUOTE 10/19/2011 10:28:49 AM
 There is currently a lawsuit filed against them for Fraud. It is foing to go to the supreme court. I wish dog breeders and legitimate shelters would get together to do an ad similar tyo theirs and then stop in the middle and say something like: "Did you know the HSUS does NOT operate, support or contribute funds to any legitimate shelter or rescue? The dogs you see in the ads are NOT BEING RESCUED BY THE HSUS!  Where are these dogs? What happened to them? Did you know the HSUS has several high dollar airplanes yachts and high dollar execs but does not contribute to anything other than themselvbes. They are a fraud and should be shut down NOW!

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 all true

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Quote dihart:

 all true
You posted this right when we deleted it


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i knew it had to be something like that, that was crazy...haha

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the HSUS is at it again. they have swept across many states in the US already.... Missouri, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, on & on. Now they are targeting Indiana. Keep it up HSUS, feed the kool-aid to the masses and in another couple of decades there will be no dogs to have to worry about, or the ones that there are will be so expensive common people will not be able to afford them.

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QUOTE 11/8/2013 3:35:34 PM
I am sending out a warning to everyone about the new waterer's made by Aspen Pet called La Bistro sold at Wall-Mart. The new design with the screw top contaminates the water. When the puppies drink and the air bubbles, it causes food dribble or what ever into the clean water supply. All USDA and every one I contacted said is we will fine you for the contaminated water. The company said we have made them for 21/2 years and haven't had a problem. The old La Bistro with the small neck, this is true! NOT THE NEW ONE! Please let others know because USDA and APHIS is concerned about the money, not the pets
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