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QUOTE 12/4/2009 8:48:10 PM
I have been looking for a reasonably priced bulldog puppy and have been coming across a ton of scammers and don't know how to report their e-mails so I just decided to put it out here to warn others. The first question I asked this seller was if they were located in Corpus Christi, TX and she said yes. Then after a  few emails back and forth about the pups and me asking if I could make a home visit to see them, she responded with "Oh, ok how is this weekend? Have you come out to Seattle before?" I was so upset. And the thing is, about ten other sellers I looked into said they were from south TX and then later say they were from Seattle. All of them. So I just wanted to warn other buyers.

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QUOTE 12/4/2009 11:05:10 PM
Scammers are horrible!   I hadn't really had any problems with Seattle though, that's a new one for me.    Just a piece of advice - if the price sounds too good to be true then it probably is.   If you see a Bulldog listed for under $600.00 (really more like $1000.00) then you might as well not even think about it.   I see a lot of Bulldogs for $500.00 or $350.00.   I don't know why scammers use those amounts so much.   And if they only have one picture of any given puppy that's another sign.   Good luck finding your puppy!

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QUOTE 12/5/2009 12:17:21 AM
Also ask for their home phone number and the number of the vet.

EVERY  breeder will be on personal terms with their vet, since we pay their house payment, their car payment, put their kids through me if a breeder can't rattle off  ** from memory**  the phone number of their vet, they are NOT a breder.

Even if they only have one litter a year,  they will still be on close terms with the vet!!  

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QUOTE 12/5/2009 1:34:44 PM
The safest way I can think of is to VERIFY the breeder's state license.  Don't support someone who is operating illegally.  There is NO ONE who inspects a breeder who is not licensed.  There are VERY creative scammers out there.  Also, pay with paypal!  Use a credit card, then if they are a scammer, they won't want your money because they don't accept Paypal or a credit card.  It doesn't help just to have a vet's number.  VERIFY the dog breeders' state license. 

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I think the best way to verify if someone is real or not is to SPEAK WITH THEM ON THE PHONE and at least act like you can come out to see the puppy. If they are states away, you can always say your travel plans did not go through.

I will not sell to anyone I do not speak with over the phone. For many reasons. I also have good phone skills, proper English and know a lot about all of the dogs I raise and dogs in general. I don't think that Nigerian scammers would be anything like how a real breeder is on the phone.

So call a few breeders and get the feel for which one you feel comfortable with. It also helps that I have a WELL ESTABLISHED website that has been up for years with many "testimonial" and former puppy pictures. Yes, those could be faked too I guess, but at the end of the day, even phone references could be faked if someone really wanted to go through with the trouble.

Another thing to do, would be to ask for more pictures of the puppy from a different angle- preferabley with a date stamp..... but only do this if you are serious, because it is a major pain in the butt to get nice pictures of puppies every other day.

I do give out my vet number to people who ask, but thankfully few ask.... otherwise it would be a big problem. I get 500-600 calls/emails per year, very few actually buy puppies. It is not up to my vet to talk to each of those "lookers".  If that were the case I would have to just have him write a reference letter or something else I could put on my website.

As for the "State licensed" this goes back to the whole other arguement from a different thread. Many HOME BREEDERS..... NOT KENNELS.... license their dogs individually and it is well with in their rights to do so. I just received my license renewals for 2010 in the mail today. All in one packet, so everyone in my county is well aware I have over 3 breeding dogs.

I AM INSPECTED BY AKC yearly. To say otherwise is misinforming.

I wouldn't buy from most kennels that are USDA licensed because most of the times those are the large kennels (AKA PUPPYMILLS). Some people good breeders may jump through all the USDA hoops for a few dogs.........but most that is not the case.


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DiamondDoodles-- I see from your website you are really big on these "unlicensed kennels" and when people call breeders Puppymills.

But you have a lot of puppies which means you must have an awful lot of dogs that must be kenneled 24/7.

I don't agree one bit with how the USDA thinks breeders should be raising puppies like Chickens we eat, or cattle. AGRICULTURE. Raising dogs like corn or animals that are going to be in a food supply doesn't make any sense. I want a puppy raised with love, not a sterile cage.


There dogs feet also never touched the ground, so their legs and feet were broken down. Their coats were matted. Their eyes were goopy and damaged. Their teeth were falling out their head. Bitches had 7-10 litters before being "disposed" of.


It looks like you only raise mixes so you wouldn't necessarily know about AKC inspections. Truth be told, AKC inspections aren't that much better. I like my inspector, but they try to give people chances because to sanction breeders cuts down on revenue. I know of more than one AKC inspected breeder I would not purchase a puppy from. I don't like how they do things or how their dogs are raised.

INSPECTIONS AND LICENSING DOESN'T MEAN CRAP-- Other than to be extra cautious.


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Geee...  ok never mind what I said.  the other lady knows everything.  Why can't anyone ever write something on a forum without someone else attacking them?  Calling someone who has a USDA license a puppymill is not correct.  I've been in tons of USDA licensed kennels and you could literally eat off the floor. The only reason to be USDA licensed is to be able to sell puppies to a broker or pet store.  Not every dog breeder has to be USDA licensed.   I was only saying that if you verify a breeding license of some sort you will at least know that person does/should have puppies for sale and is not someone who is stealing a picture and "selling" that puppy. 


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QUOTE 3/12/2012 8:57:40 PM
just want to let everyone know that i thankfully found this website and my heart is now broken, i would have been totally scammed, i responded to an ad about husky puppies, got a reply from the lady saying that she lives in cameroon africa and shes there for research and the puppies were her late grandmas and the weather isnt good for them and that shes only asking for $140 to change the puppies ownership over from her to us, i then asked if it was some type of scam and she had me believe her because she said that its low of ppl to scam others and that shes christian, and i just need to trust her, these puppies were so cute and im very upset, other stuff she said was that there potty trained, great with kids and other household pets, there akc certified have first shots, guarenteed no health issues and some type of five year warranty, travel expensives are covered by her and her sister and the dogs come with passports and will be here in buffalo, NY within 4-5 hours and there will be someone on the plane with the puppies at all time caring for them then they will be delvered right to my door. my family 

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QUOTE 3/12/2012 9:03:54 PM
is very upset! i never heard bout these scams from cameroon b4 but i now know, the girls name is juliet last name starts with a C.  were so sad about this and its unfortunate that ppl will do this stuff about animals. its disgusting and just sad! thankfully i never paid this lady or man for all we kno oh and she wouldnt except paypal only western union... good luck ppl!
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