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Hello, i have a real problem.  Its been seven months.  Puppy cannot make it outside to pee.  He knows to pee outside, but once he is out of the crate he goes, can't hold it.  Sometimes he is okay for a two weeks, then he goes right back to peeing.  He is only in crate for maybe 4 hours a day.  I love him.  I am at my wits end.  Anybody have any suggestions.

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  It may be submissive urination brought on by his desire to show you he totally submits to you. If you can take the crate outside before letting him out then he MAY get the idea. Or use a towel (NOT A PEE PAD) in front of the crate when you let him out. If it is submissive urination they usually outgrow it once they figure out the only time they get prasie right out of the box is when they pee outside. Be sure to go out with him when you get home from work or any time you let him out of the box. If you just put him outside, he will not get the connection. You have to direct him. It may not be a bad idea to see  if you can collect some urine for a sample and have your vet test for anything that might make him pee.  things like a bladder or kidnet infection, Let us know. Thanks!
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