jodie 10 month old yorkie

jodie 10 month old yorkie

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hi everyone i am new to this,i have recently been given a 10 month old yorkie who was no longer wanted by her former owner,she was never walked on a leash neither did she ever meet any other dogs ,and lived mostly out side in garden during the day shut in kitchen after dark,now she as big problems she will have her leash on and will walk,however she darts every where her worse problem is other dogs walking if there walking by on same path or oppoiste side in front behind  she rears up yaps like mad and wants to fight,help im at my wits end walking her is a night mear

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 First, than you for taking this baby in. She needs lots of love. She is acting like she is 10 feet tall on a leash for two reasons. First, she is frightened and does not know what to do. She is not centered. She acts aggressive to other dogs for the same reason. Do you use a choke chain or a very tight collar. In reality, a choke chain or Caesar Milan Collar are better than a buckle collar because the release the pressure on her neck when she stops fighting them. A buckle collar keeps constant pressure on her neck and can actually damage her throat. A harness is made for pulling which is also counter productive.

 Walk her around in a quiet area. If she starts spazzing out. stop and stand still until she is calm. Then start to walk agian. She will realize that to go anywhere she needs to be calm. Once she walks well in a small area, go to a bigger area. Even the living room will do.  It may take a few days. Then  go outside.

  Walk normally. Again when she spazzes, stop and let her settle. DO NOT SPEAK. as you want her to figure this one out herself. Plus by speaking you are reenforcing her behavior. If another dog approaches and she starts to act crazy turn around and go the other way. Why? Because dogs can only focus on one thing at a time.  After a while she will be easy to walk and a joy to have as your fur baby.

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She is ten months old, a baby! Go buy the Monks of New Skete "The Art of Raising a Puppy" and begin to train her.  Her barking is because she is afraid and needs to have training. I breed and raise Papillons who are also small dogs.  I use a harness to train them to protect their fragile necks.  I use pinch collar on my German Shepherds! Their necks are tough with muscle and I use the collar correctly.  Begin training in a QUIET place, AWAY from other dogs.  Once she walks on a loose leash, go to a place where she can see other dogs but you are not near them.  Then proceed to more distracting environments as she gets able to handle them. She is behaving as any baby dog would behave!  I highly recommend attending POSITIVE obedience training classes with a competent instructor.

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