Try to be a dog

Try to be a dog

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QUOTE 1/3/2012 5:58:56 AM
  Try something. For a week when you come home, greet your wife with kisses and hugs, play with your kids and let them crawl all over you.  At the end of a week, when  you come home, go stiff as a board when your wife greets you, turn your back on the kids or walk out of the room.  Why? Welcome to Nothing In Life Is Free training! And why would you be so cruel to your family. Oh, did you forget to tell them you want 10  minutes of alone time to wind down from work?

 A dog behaves like a dog. A submissive dog who is allowing you to be pack leader greets his pack leader by kissing his face and showing him how glad he made it back from the asphalt jungle to the "cave".  You cannot explain to a dog that you need your 10 minutes of space time to wind down. So, when you ignore him as you did your family the second week, you are breaking his heart and his spirit! Would it not be better to hug and kiss your wife, love onm the kids and sit on the couch to greet your dog so you are at his level... or closer to it with little dogs?

 If you treat your wife kindly, she will be so proud to be with you and do litle things to please you. She will want to have a relationship with you.  Same with your dog.  Training with clickers and treats only can go so far and what if you are out of treats or the clicker gets lost? Is your dog still going to respond reliably? What better way to train your dog do ( or your wife) than to have a real honest relationship with him or her! It isn't hard to do.

 The main thing is don't let your dog boss you around. If he acts aggressive then put him in a crate and face him to the wall. a truly vicious dog does not need to be part of your family and you may need to call in an expert who isn't a wimpy trainer to nip it in the bud, so to speak.  

  Most vicious dogs are man made. Insecurity because YOU are not consistent and you finally drove the dog to react violently,thus you backed off which is what the dog wanted in the first place. Wrong behavior on your part!   Instead, put a leash and a choke chain on him and repeat the offending behavior. Whe he acts aggressive jerk hard upward and say NO! firmly. ( now don't jerk hard on a little dog. Use your head, but get the point across) Chances are he will go back to being your friend. Remember sometimes dogs have a bad day too adn may not want your attention right now. However, they should neve act aggressive toward the alpha.

 What if your dog gets on the table and steals a chicken leg? NILIF has to way to stop that.  In my opinion, the dog should never have considered getting on the table but there he is. So what to do? If he eats the chicken bone it will splinter. So why not take it away from him... or have you no actual control?. Reach over and take it. Oh, he bites? Grab him by the collar and jerk him off the table. If he won't give up the chicken bone. twist the collar until he is forced to open his mounth and take it. Then  put him on the floor. Are YOU going to eat the chicken? NO, good. let him simmer for a monment and take a piece off the chicken leg and give it  to him. All will be forgiven.

 Or are you a clicker person who will be clicking until the entire chicken is gone and your wife is on her way to the emergency clinic with the dog who is very happy with himself ?
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