can it happend?

can it happend?

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i have 6 years old yorkie, recxently, i adopted 6 years old male tibetian terrier. my yorkie shows a lot of rentments for the new dog, the new dog, ignored as much as he could, than, he jumped on my yorkie and bit him. can those 2 dogs learn how to like each other? i love both dogs, but, pretzel, my male yorkie is with me since birth. i want to keep both dogs. what should i do? how can i make it happend? please reply, i am heart broken, and, do not want to return Buddy that was allready abondond by his first owner.

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 First, get both neutered. This will lessen the testosterone and that is the source of some aggression/ territorial behavior. Second, crate the dogs when you are not around to supervise. Third, when theya re loose in the house put a leash and collar on them. A choke chain is best. That way if they start to fight you will not get your hands near their faces and get bit.

 If a fight breaks out, grab the leash of the aggressor and pull him away as you shout at the other dog to back off. This will probably be the yorkie. However, both are terriers and terriers are known for aggressive behavior. You cannot be a woose and fight rats.  Put the aggressor in his crate and turn the crate to the wall so he cannot give the other dog the evil eye.  Once they have settled down, let the aggressor out of his crate. DO NOT talk to him. He will come to you and ask forgiveness. That is when you praise him. You are rewarding  his meekness. 

 When you go outside, YOU should be the first one through the door. The DOMINANT or pack leader should always be you, then your family members, then the cat, then the dogs.( Although the dogs would vote to reverse the last two.)

 When a dog yawns, it means I don't want to fight. If your dog looks to the other and yawns, praise him." That's right we are not going to fight."

 Feed them in separate dishes in separate rooms or have a free self feeder in 2 different rooms so there is no territorial behavior over the food.  If they fight over the food, separate them and pick the food containers up.  After they settle down put ONE feeder down. If there is any growling, evil looks, or bristling, pick the feeder up. DO NOT say anything. Do not put it down for a good hour. Then try agian. What they are learning is to get the food removed growl or fight. They won't starve. I promise.

 You may have to keep them separate whenever you are not home. It beats coming home to a blood bath. Good luck.

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QUOTE 2/3/2013 6:06:28 PM

Recently, I had the same problem. I have 4 dogs, small breeds. Two dogs were younger and the age difference is 5 years. The problems that occurred were 2 older dog attack by two younger so I was very annoyed. I sought help from several experts who have only confirmed what I had anticipated, in my case it did not help much. After a few classes, I decided to separate my 2 younger from the older dog. It was for me the only way to avoid bad behavior. That nothing has changed. The reason why I write this because I want to share my experience with you.

Three weeks ago through my friend that I discovered Kody Clarke DVD Course, which has completely changed my thinking about training dogs. I decided to implement training on 2 younger dogs. After two weeks, the results are highly visible. The first part of the course only talking about mistakes that people make, and the goal of course is to just 10 minutes a day training your dog because, as mentioned in the course of the dog's attention is very short. I do not want to put the links in the post but I'm sure you

can find "The 4 week dog training course" or "Kody Clarke Secrets".
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