Spay/neuter advantages

Spay/neuter advantages

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QUOTE 10/20/2011 3:02:13 PM
"When a dog’s hormones are in full force and they are not allowed to mate, they grow frustrated and unhappy. This frustration can lead to aggression, especially in male dogs. When you have your dog fixed, these hormones are drastically decreased, which makes dogs less aggressive, less prone to mark, less dominant, and less prone to roam. Roaming dogs are more likely to fight other animals, get into car accidents, and be picked up by animal control; they are also more likely to pick up diseases. 85% of dogs hit by cars are intact (not spayed or neutered)."

  I copied this excerpt  from an article on the sidebar about fixing your pooch. I fixed my pom when he was about 20 months old. It totally stopped his marking his territory, thank goodness. The only thing he has peed on in the house since then was my foot....and I think that was personal  
it also stopped his never ending whining when the girls were in heat.  Again, thnakfully. I love those dogs but the irritating, natural hormonal behavior can make ya crazy.

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YES! I always wonder at people for NOT spaying or neutering their pets. If the dog is not a top quality individual AND you are not going to put the time and money into getting the  dog's inherited health issues like Dysplacia, PRA etc tested for, AND you are not willing to make sure you do your homework to put the pups in the best home possible then  please don't breed your dogs. There are many responsible great breeders out there who do all this so the pups have a huge head start over the back yard puppy mills( and you can be a 1 dog puppy mill in my opinion!) who crank out inferior quality dogs with many health problems.

 Spaying will keep your female from going into heat and spotting all over the house, attracting males who will fight for her attention, and developing some forms of Cancer. Neutering males( OK guys stop grabbing your crotch!) lessens aggression and curbs the urge to roam. Also for burglars, they can throw all the scented rags at the dog they want and he isn't interested in doing anything except keeping them out.Yes the dog will get fat if you don't cut down on his or her food, but not that much fatter. Plus you save money on food.

 And as an added benefit you know your grandpuppies won't end up in the dog pound. There are alot of low cost spay/neuter clinics across the country. In Los Angeles, when they started spaying/neutering all the dogs prior to going out, and offered a low cost clinic for the public, the number of dogs killed each year dropped dramatically.

 You want the kids to see the miracle of birth? They have films at the library. Instead think about showing them what a resposible dog owner you are. You will not be adding to the stream of dead dogs going from dog pound to rnendering plant.  Plus you will not have the horror of a 2am run to the emergency clinic for a c-section on fluffy who is 5 yerars old and trying to have her first litter. Neither will you have a huge vet bill for that c-section. Call your local emergency clinic and ask how much?! Most dogs have thier pups in the middle of the night so the kidss will miss it anyway.Some dogs are very protective of their pups. Remember that when you are taking your kids to the emergency room to have his face stitched up. 

 In short, please leave breeding dogs to the professional breeders who have the knowledge, time and money to product quality dogs. And thanks for getting your pet spayed/neutered.
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