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 I have a 9 weeks puppy yorkie and he loves to bite feet, socks and all he can find, there si anythong I can do to stop this because I have kids and the little one is 4 years old and she is scare of him already. I been trying to teaching that the word No and sometimes I put him inside the crate for 10 minutes but it not working. Can some one help me please, what to do?



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QUOTE 8/11/2011 8:47:00 AM
 He does not see time time out in the crate as punishment.  He just figures you are weird. Get a squirt bottle, fill it with WATER  and when he tries to go after feet, spritz  him in the face. Make a growling sound or a noise that sounds like a growl. He sees himself as the ruler of the kingdom. He sees feet and socks as smelly objects that need killing. So you want to redirect his aggression onto something else like a KONG toy. Put some peanut butter in it  and let him play with that OUTSIDE( it is messy). He can kill that all day long and  it isn't a problem. He is terrorizing your 4 year old. He knows it. so what she has to do is make friends with him. Have her be the person who feed and waters him. Usually a dog won't bite the hand that feeds them like a human will. 

 There are several good dog training videos out there like Caesar Milan the dog whisperer. He is realistic and does not whine at your dog.  The idea is to remember to treat your dog as a dog and get his respect as a dog/human relationship. I also like the books by Milo Pearsall but they are probably out of print by now. Good luck wiht your new puppy.  
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