Confusing my dog?

Confusing my dog?

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Hi! My dog, Sophie, tends to become anxious, unfocused, hyperactive, etc. around other dogs. I want to take Agility classes with her, but I can't do that until her problems with other dogs are fixed. Therefore, I want to take group obedience classes to help her get used to working around other dogs. All the training I've done with her so far is using clicker training, but I can't find a clicker training class, so I'll have to stick with regular obedience. I don't want to confuse her, though - would training without a clicker for a while confuse her? Or is there another way to get her used to other dogs (she's a spayed adult, by the way). Thanks! :)

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Do a search for dog parks in your area. Lots of walks in the morning and evening helps too. We always bump into other dog owners walking and it's a great chance for them to stop and greet each other. Dog parks offer a chance for them to socialize and play. The more you do this with your dog the better. If you have friends with dogs set up play dates for them.

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 First, throw away the clicker. If you think about it, in a class with 30 dogs and everyone has a clicker, what does the dog hear? CLICKCLICKCLICK. Next talk to your dog. Don't nag your dog but talk to her. Take her for walks. Use a choke chain up high next to her ears. If she gets aggressive when  you see another dog say NOTHING and turn around. She will hit the end of the leash with a forceful bump. You did not signal you were going to turn you just turned. What is she thinking? Hey! Mom did not let me know I needed to turn. I better pay attention to her instead of the other dogs.

 Get a class that is not a whiny touchy feely class. Would you let your teenage kid take your credit cards and car keys? Or would you make him think Jesus and all the holy angels are coming for him? Exactly! You don't want an abusive trainer, and there are those out there too. Dogs are very smart. They will want you to be the boss but will also happily take that spot if you let them.

 Start ehr over some jumps in your back yard. Get the tunnel and start her on that too. Put a long rope through the tunnel and then have a friend help you by gently pulling her in. You can encourage her with a happy voice at the front. She will go through and be scared at first but make like she has done a great thing. Then do something else and come back to the tunnel in about 15 minutes. A hot dog piece placed about 1/3 of the way down is a great incentive.

 Now that she is familiar with some of the obstacles and is not afraid of them, start her in an agility class. She'll do fine. She already has the skills and now is just doing it in public.
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