Crate/Housebreaking Tips

Crate/Housebreaking Tips

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Crate training tips for Puppies:

For puppies, in the beginning, take him from his crate each hour or two,
put on his leash and carry him outside. Do not allow your puppy to
escort himself to the door. Their little feet seem to have sensors that
say “feet hit floor, pee.” Pick a spot for your puppy to potty,
preferably the same spot every time. Make him aware that this is not
“nosey time” or playtime. Give him a few minutes to sniff around and
potty. If ten minutes have passed without him pottying, scoop him up
and take him back inside. Play with him a few minutes before returning
him to his crate and try again later. If it really was his time to go
(per your written notes) but he was being stubborn, then only wait about
15 minutes to try again. When he does eventually go in the spot you
want, lavish him with kisses and a treat, and tell him something like
“Good potty.” While active housetraining is going on, keep from playing
with him on his leash as much as possible. He will soon begin to
associate leash + outside + potty = yummy treats and hugs.

Additional Housebreaking Tips

Be present for “the event” whenever possible

Use the same door when exiting and entering with your dog throughout the potty training

Consistently praise your dog when he succeeds in going in the proper place

Never punish or get angry when your dog has an accident

Clean up accidents thoroughly and immediately

Keep a consistent schedule whenever possible

Set your dog up for success every time

Do not return from a walk until your puppy eliminates if at all possible

Do not allow the dog access to the whole house until potty training is done

No food or water within 2 hrs of bedtime
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