calm & in control

calm & in control

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QUOTE 11/27/2010 8:31:20 PM
Step 1: Your Terms

Your dog must understand that you are in control. It’s time to walk,
play, and cuddle when you say so, not when the mood strikes your pooch.
Every day when you wake up, and every day when you get home, cease to
provide attention, food, or a walk until your dog is calm and
submissive. When you pick up his leash, if he goes nuts, put the leash
away and sit down. He must understand that he will not get the fun and
exercise of a walk until he is relaxed. Once he is calm, attach the
leash, make him sit and wait. Do not let him get up until he is calm and
you say so. This simple process shows your pooch who’s boss, putting
you in a leadership role before you even step out of the house. It also
shows him that only calm dogs get what they want.

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