adjusting to new home & family

adjusting to new home & family

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QUOTE 10/19/2010 6:46:07 PM
Our family, a adopted Calico cat-Sugar who is 12 years old and my 2 year old Akita wolf mix and myself have recently relocated from ohio to oregon. My household is packed in storage and we have replaced a 2 bedroom condo with a small room outside the main house. The main house has 3 dogs, a blue healer who is blind, a large lab, who is untrained about 3 years old-male. And a lab/collie mix female who is 5 and 2 cats. My sister and an uncommunicative boyfriend are also present. My dog is very nervous/anxious, unguard, growls and barks at the boyfriend. I have tried everything in trying to curb his behavior with little improvement. My dog responds to most men/strangers with the typical akita character/temperment. In the past he had learne to accept new people into a friendly relationship, however, not as a member of the family. I am concern that when I finally return to work, how he will respond to this boyfriend when I am not present. Any suggestions, or advice, or similiar experience from others would be greatly appreciated.

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 Sounds like a train wreck waiting for a place to happen. Most Akitas do not care for other dogs, especially male dogs, to begin with. They are excellent judges of character. If the boyfriend is not happy about you being there he will show it and the dog will pick that up as a threat.You are not going to be able to change the dog's mind about that.If possible, move. If that is not a choice, give your dog extra time and be SURE he won't be in contact with the boyfriend or the male dogs.You may have to crate him when you are gone, but the alternative is worse. Good luck.  
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