First time owner of a Dachshund

First time owner of a Dachshund

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QUOTE 9/19/2010 11:13:01 AM
Hi my name is Laura,

I am a first time owner of the breed Dachshund.My puppy(Molly) is about 2 1/2 months old.I got her from a friend that had to get rid of her .I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.She is so lovable n loves to cuddle.

I am having an issue with her using the bathroom outside.I have placed a puppy pad down and she used it for the first time this morning.She is real sneaky.What can I do to help her learn she has to use the bathroom outside n not in the house.

Also I am having a little issue with her getting into the cat liter box.I don't want her doing this because from what I understand she could get parvo from eating the poo from the kittens .Yes I have three kittens as well that got dropped off at my mailbox.Mean ppl I tell ya.

I could use any advice on what do to.Please help.


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QUOTE 9/19/2010 12:46:48 PM
Parvo dose not come from cat fecal mater nor can cat come down with Parvo The puppy still needs more shots to protect from the disease and should be kept at home until he turns 16 weeks and had that shot . To train outside you need to go out with the puppy . You also need a dog crate . let him sleep in at night and when you are gone for short periods and when you cannot watch him. Take him out every 2 hrs . Do not use piddle pads inside or you are training him tow go in the house. Have you  Vet check him over to make sure he has not got worms. I recommend Eukanua small breed puppy '

You want to bee consistent (set up a schedule and stick to it

 Give plenty of praise when he dose good

Feed a top quality food

Use a dog crate (for a Doxie medium kennel cab)

Stay with hi until he goes potty and use a command (lets go potty ) and do not

play with him until he goes . Then plenty of praise and playtime    


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QUOTE 9/19/2010 1:54:54 PM
Thank You for the reply Lee...I praise her each time she uses the bathroom outside.I only have the pads down at night time while we are sleeping.Because I don't have a small carrier to put her in.I have to go borrow one from a friend.Like I said"this is my first small dog that I have owned of this breed.I am gonna get a small bag of treats so each time she does go outside she gets something special.I have another dog as well.She is a bordie collie and they get along great.So having her around is also helping with the potty training.And it has to be more than every two hours.Cause this little puppy can go a lot let me tell ya .I have been doing it every half hour to and hour.Once we get used to it , then I will do it every 2 hours.I also take her out as soon as she wakes up from sleeping.Cause I have learned with my other puppies that I have raised, it is the best time to catch em is when they first wake up..

She is beginning to know the word No very well ,cause I use it when she is getting into something that she isn't suppose too.I am not sure if she is a minature or not.Like I said she is about 2 1/2 months old.So we are still in the training process.Thank You again for your reply , and I will use ur advice very well..



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QUOTE 9/19/2010 3:23:59 PM
 Lee is correct. It is a different type of training for pads or outside AND it is very confusing to dogs to tell which you want. I use a crate as stated. You are teaching the dog to hold its excreta when under a roof. The other method using pads teaches them to go in one spot. There are many low cost dog crates available. A dachshund size crate should run about $40 at Walmart. Get the plastic, solid sided ones so if you decide to fly you already have a crate. Do not expect her to hold it for more than about 4 hours. Enjoy your dachshund. They are truly characters. MOre like little people in a dog suit.

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QUOTE 9/21/2010 8:41:14 PM
Yes they are like little people..They def. have a personality..I will work on seeing if I can borrow a crate for Miss Molly for at night time.During the day it isn't so bad when someone is here always to watch when she needs to go out.She is starting to go to the door more when she wants out.I also have noticed they also like be outside a lot.Thank You all for the advice..

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