rescue dog that is terrified of men

rescue dog that is terrified of men

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QUOTE 9/6/2010 10:14:24 PM
I'm looking for some help. We have just rescued an ADORABLE Bagle ( beagle/ basset mix). He is the best dog, great with our kids, great with our cats, has a great disposition , etc. The only problem is, he is TERRIFIED of all men including my husband. He is not aggressive ( may bark every now and then at men), but runs the other way and will not let a man get close to him. It is SOOOO sad. Does anyone have any suggestions to help him get comfortable and trust my husband, or men in general? ( We have tried treats :-)) Is there hope???


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QUOTE 9/7/2010 1:55:30 AM
 There is hope. Ignore the behavior and don't press the issue. Let the dog see that your husband is OK. It will take time.

  Think of a child who is afraid of roller coasters. You would not put him on the bigest ride in the theme park right? Perhaps just watch one of the smaller rides. then try something like the worm ride that goes up and down.

  Same with the dog. Men or a man has been an issue for him. Men in hats or ball caps frighten some dogs. They get over it. Just let him have some time and show him that your husband is a friend. Baloney sandwiches are one of my husband's favorites so it is not hard for him to eat one and share.

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QUOTE 9/15/2010 3:55:47 PM
Your new dog needs to see your husband as his sorce of everything good. So your husband needs to be responsiable for feeding the dog, giving him treats etc. Let the dog come to him at his own pace. It will take some time, I've worked with dogs who are fearful of men and at times it may seem like your getting nowere, but eventualy you can get there :) A good thing to do is take the dogs favorite treat, maybe chicken or turkey, and when your husband walks by he can toss a little treat by the dog. After the dog has a good relationship with your husband then take him other places were he has to encounter men, bring a friend and have him toss treats to the dog. Good luck with your new doggie and hope all goes well!!
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