I need some advice here!

I need some advice here!

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QUOTE 7/6/2010 8:24:18 PM
I have an extremely multiple dog home. I raise primarily Boxers.... but we have a LOT of dogs.  Including 2 yorkies and a Shih Tzu. I think it is pretty much the Shih Tzu destroying my whole freaking home.

I have owned her since she was 8 weeks old and she is 4 years now. She just keeps getting worse and worse.  We have had to tear out our carpeting in the living room and now she just goes on any carpet in the house. If we don't crate her and lock her out of the other rooms, she will go potty on the hardwood if she has to.

I LOVE this dog. Out of all my dogs she is my second favorite, but I also can't live like an animal in a barn. I have so many dogs in the house and yet this one dog is destroying so much.  She is worse than all the other dogs put together. I have 3 month old puppies better house trained than this dog!  She is an inch from getting kenneled outside permanently (which I would hate to do), or just placed with another family all together. 

I just can't handle all this!


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 Have you ruled out any urinary tract problems or hormonal things or do you think it is just spite? If you crate her, does she pee in her crate too? One option is doggy diapers. I have had to do this with a chihuahua we got from an auction.  (She is so sweet but was in a small cage all her life so does not have the desire to be clean. Your name is Squatajuweewee for that reason.LOL) Seriously, if it is not a physical thing, you might try them they take a while for the dog to get used to but they do help.

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It could be stress!!!  try comfort zone with d.a.p. I have more than one dog and it works great-except chichuas-I know I spelt that wrong. It's a great product. Very worth the money. Saved my house. pmykay@aol.com
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