Nail trim and ear check anxiety

Nail trim and ear check anxiety

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QUOTE 5/19/2010 5:17:21 PM
One of our Basset Hounds which we adopted from a rescue   is petrified of the vet and will not let anyone near his nails to trim them or his ears to administer medicine/earwash etc. We have even gotten a prescription medication from the vet to see if it would calm him down in order to trim his nails and clean his ears, but it didn't  help.  Any ideas would be so appreciated.


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QUOTE 5/20/2010 2:30:01 PM
Have you ever tried to give your pet a massage, not petting, but really massage them. Most dogs like their butt scratched (weird but true) using this as a "trusting start" work your way up to the shoulders. Do this for a while letting the dog get used to it and learn that it is a comforting treat. Once they start enjoying this, you move on to their necks just under the ears always rubbing gently in circles. No speaking is necessary the dog should respond to your touch and your energy, exchange nothing but love with your pet. You slowly add in the areas to which the animal is "afraid" of and show them the tools that are used in those area by laying them near them while performing the massage, after a while they learn to TRUST that they are not "bad" things.

I have done this with my dog. He was 5 1/2 mths old when I got him from a pet store. Started massaging him every night while watching TV, now 8yrs old he falls asleep while I am rubbing his pads of his feet. I also did this with our Doberman, she was very ill and not expected to live much passed 1 year, but with all the extra TLC she would jump up on the couch, sit next to me with her back to me, turn her head and look at me as if to say "Excuse me, it is time for my body massage" She lived to almost her 3 birthday before the disease finally took her away.

Wish you the best of luck. Remember lots of TLC is needed for these lovely creatures. Exchange you body energy more so than your words, they do respond better. You may email me at; if you'd like. Hope this will help.

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QUOTE 5/22/2010 5:37:00 AM
 Here is an old trick for nails. You are NOT going to trim them at first.

 Get a hot dog and cut it into small pieces. Give your dog a taste.Not ask him to give you his paw. Pick it up gently. Put it down and give him a piece of hot dog. He will look at you like you are crazy!Do it again wiht all 4 paws. He is liking this! Next take a butter knife and pick up his paw like before. This time touch the butter knife to ONE nail and release. Did he stress abit? That's ok. Do it again. Just do one foot and let him leave. Wait about an hour and start again with the picking up paws. All four before the treat. Is he giving you his paw yet? He will.  Do the butterknife on one whole foot for the next treat. Do all 4 feet and let him rest. He will not get too fat from hot dogs. Start again tomorrow. Always start with just picking up the paws for the first treat. The second day you should be able to touch all his toe nials with the butter knife.

 Day three. Start as before. But this time use the nail trimmer to TOUCH ONLY. Then go ahead and trim ONE nail. Just a very small piece. If he lets you do it, he gets the whole hot dog and leave him til tomorrow. 

 Day four, start with just picking up the paws again. Trim his nails gently. Imagine going to the nail salon and they pull your nails OUT. Would you go back? Same idea with the dog.

 For the ears, Bassetts have horrible  ear infections many times also very painful. see if you can get him to let you turn his ear over so the inside is exposed. Use the hot dog method and break just turning the ear over into steps. He is liking you more each day. Try dish soap on the leather of the ear.( NOT INSIDE) Rinse wiht a gentle srubbing. Use one of the ear cleaners on this website that disolves wax. Gently massage his ear if you can get some in. Don't push it too much. Use a cotton ball to wipe out his ear. You should have some meds from the vet like panalog. Use daily if you can. It is a life long batttle sometimes to get the ears to stay free from fungus. I have used Dr. Scholls fungus spray wiht great success in the past but ask your vet. Good luck,.
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