My puppy goes potty when in her small pen area

My puppy goes potty when in her small pen area

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QUOTE 2/6/2010 12:43:42 AM
We are semi-new dog owners. This is our second puppy. Our first did so well with crate and house training. By 12 weeks he was already ringing a bell to tell us he needed to go outside. Our new puppy is having the most trouble when we put her in her small pen area. We are using the same techinque as before. We have her in the confined area for one hour, then we take her immediately out to the potty spot, and after she goes we give her a little bit of free time with supervision. Really just play time...then we put her back for an hour. It worked like magic before but this time the puppy doesnt understand yet that she isnt supposed to go when she is in confinement but just outside. She does ok when out and about in our house but not in her pen. We need advice! Any suggestions?

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QUOTE 2/7/2010 10:22:58 PM
I am not sure what method of pottie training the breeder started your puppy may be just the simple fact that your puppy is having to learn from scratch and it will just require patients and additional time on your part.

Also remember some pets are just plain smarter than others (much like humans)

Just keep to your schedule and your new baby will learn what is expected of her, and where she is expected to do her "business".

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QUOTE 2/8/2010 9:23:03 PM
     I believe your new puppy is extremely smart but you are sending him mixed messages.  You ask him to potty outside but then when you take him in, you unknowingly punish him by locking him in a crate.

   Think about it, if you did somthing spectacular that you were proud of and then someone picked you up and locked you in a box and walked away, wouldn't you think you had done something wrong? 

   Start training your puppy for real.  Take him outside every half hour and work up to an hour then an hour and a half, etc.   When you bring him in, make a big deal over him and praise him.  Always reinforce the good behavior not punish.

   He will get the idea and won't be confused.  He sounds like an extremely intelligent puppy who will pick right up on going out.   Sounds like he has some good owners too...enjoy your time with him.

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QUOTE 2/18/2010 11:45:48 PM
My dog is the total opposite. He goes bathroom outside his kennel so we have to keep him in his kennel at night. I think that is pretty weird. Anyways I hope he will stop!!!!

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