Pet exercise pen

Pet exercise pen

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QUOTE 8/12/2009 11:30:44 PM
I am adopting a two yr old Irish Wolfhounf/Lab mix.  My boy is blind due to horrible abuse, but has made remarkable progress.  Somewhere he was once in a good ,loving home, excellent manners and training that just needed refreshing.  I would like someones opinion on putting him in a 42' pet exercise pen when I'm working in the yard.  I understnd it has a cover, but can't seem to find it listed on your site.  He will be an indoor pet but I know as the weather cools off he'll enjoy laying under our big pecan trees.  He'll do his business on a leash but would like him to have a comfortable contained area.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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QUOTE 8/13/2009 9:45:27 AM
Check out this pen. It comes with a sunscreen top to keep your pooch cool. Seems like it might be perfect for what you're looking for.

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