How to confine without ruining crate training???

How to confine without ruining crate training???

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QUOTE 7/7/2009 11:30:53 AM
My puppy is 3 months old, and I have successfully crate trained him (for the most part). He knows not to poo/pee in the house, and scratches at the door whenever he needs to be let out.

The only issue is, he is a naturally energetic dog, and I feel terrible keeping him in his crate while i'm at work (even though I come home at lunch to let him out). I want to buy an exercise pen to keep him in (indoors) while i'm away so at least he can walk around a bit, however he will return to his crate at night.

He is still a puppy, so I'm not confident that he is 100% house trained. I am afraid that with all that room, he might just relieve himself, and it will hinder my crate training efforts. He loves to chew on things, so I don't want to put puppy pads in there otherwise he'll tear it up. I also don't want him to get confused about going on puppy pads and going outdoors.

What is the best solution for my situation? Help please!

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