Trouble training

Trouble training

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QUOTE 6/28/2009 3:46:15 PM
Hi I have a new puppy corgi and she is very snappy she will bite me every where if i come near and growls at me to she only is sweet with my brother my mom is saying i am going to get rid of that puppy! please help! I do want to keep her but she is very snappy oh and I am new and kinda want experinced people to anser i do not want to afend anyone but can you tell me if someones advice is not really good i just really want someone with expeince to reply

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QUOTE 6/29/2009 3:44:42 AM
 You don't say where you got the pup or how old she is. She seems to have some trauma associated with being handled. Some pups are never socialized and will act afraid and snappy. Try putting her in a crate.Leave the door open and see if she will come out to explore. If she sits in the back of the crate, give her some time. Many first time dog owners will over do. The pup does not want to be handled or petted yet they force themselves on the dog. Let her make the first moves. Once she is comfortable with her space, invite her into yours. Again, don't force her. Hold a piece of baloney in your hand and let her come up to sniff it. If she acts like she wants it, let her have it.  Kids are rough with pups sometimes without meaning to be. They pick the pup up in all sorts of fashion from holding them around the neck to carrying them like a sack. Let her decide that she wants to be with you. That sounds like what your brother has done. The pup is acting defensive by biting. Let her have some space and she will calm down. She will try to be your friend if she sees you as a potential friend not as an alien who drags her around. ( not that you are but it sounds like you are under 21.)
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