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This Puppy Is No Longer Available!


Silky Terrier Puppy

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4 years, 28 weeks

Puppy Details

  • AVAILABLE: 12/21/2010
  • DEPOSIT: Not Specified

BREED: Silky Terrier Puppy

INCLUDES: puppy info pack, neuter rebates , micro chipped, registered , heath guarantee

Description of Puppy

This is a male puppy   He is health checked, health guaranteed, micro chipped, registered , have shots currant and go with puppy food and all kinds of information on puppy care . We also give up to a $100 rebate on spaying or neutering if you choose to neuter.

The Silky is unlike any toy dog. They make great lap dogs and love to sleep in bed but their temperament is more laid back than most toys. Unless you are looking for a purse size toy dog, they are totaly delightful .

In Austrailia their country of origan the main cross over 100 yrs ago was the then 10 lb Yorkshire bred to the Australian Terrier. They ended up with the best of both worlds A toy sized breed with a low keyed Terrier temperament

The Silky is 9 to 10 inches tall and their weight varies with most females being 8 to 9 lbs boys 10 to 12lbs. Their coat is non shedding and is about 4 to 6 inches long. It feels alot like our own hair. They are born black and tan . As they age the black turn to shades of grey from very dark to light grey ,with tan legs and head . Their coat is very easy to groom. It is best if brushed daily but will not be a problem if you only can do it twice a week.

They are still quite rare with less than 900 litters born in the USA annually.

They are very healthy breed. Living an average of 15 years Rarely will you find a Silky with health concerns unlil late in life.

They usually get along well with all ages including young children.

The Silkies are usually easy to train but can be a little stubborn like all Terriers. Silkies have been trained in Agility,and Obedience. They also do well as therapy dogs.

Just about all "Yorkies" in the movies are Silky Terriers. Two trainers owning Silkies were Rudd Weatherwax (Lassies owner ) and Terry Knapp the head cat and duck trainer in the Babe movies.Both purchasing dogs from my kennel that worked as movie dogs into their mid teens (16 and 17) and are behind most of the dogs working in the movies now. Both trainers prefered using the Silky over their close cousin the Yorkshire due to their ease and training and more stable temperaments. Formby who was owned by Rudd appeared in the Eiger Sanction with Clint Eastwood. He also toured with Lassie and in the "Grand Finale" of special appearances would back up Lassie when she "attacked the bad guy"

The Silky is usually not yappy and are good watchdogs. If they start barking it is usually for a reason and they will defend their family. Most people who discover this rare gem never switch to a different breed.

We do accept Visa,Master Card and Discover. I show by appointment daily from 11 am until 3 pm. You are welcome to come and meet the puppies and their parents. For more information you can log onto my web site at www.delayrekennel.com or call 818-504-6887 I only ship via Pet Air Wways where the puppy flys as a passenger not baggage . Their routes are limited  so please check on my web site to see if you are near one of the airports they fly into  


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