Arlo's Daily Tips Articles
Read what's on the mind of Arlo, the Next Day Pets Beagle. These daily tips, fun facts, and information are a great reason to take a short break every day to think about our favorite thing--our pets!

Arlo's Daily Tips Articles
  • Dog Chaining
    Dog chaining, as defined by the Humane Society of the United States, is “fastening a dog to a stationary object or stake, usually in the owner's backyard, as a means of keeping the animal under control.” This is an all-too overused method of dog containment in the United States. It is unhealthy, unsafe, inhumane, and outlawed in many states.

  • Dogs and Wildfire Smoke Inhalation
    If you live in Southern California, or ever turn on or read the news anywhere else in the country, you are probably familiar with the wildfires that are raging right now in Los Angeles County. But, did you know that smoke inhalation as a result of wildfires can be a health risk for pets as well?

  • 5 Puppy Training Musts
    When you first get a new puppy it’s all fuzz and snuggles, but after a few days puppies start to seem like destructive little monsters that’ll never be so much as house broken, let alone well-behaved, mellow dogs. These five musts of puppy training will help to ease those wild puppy days and help you raise a pooch of whom you can be proud.

  • If You Must Give Up Your Dog
    I understand that sometimes it just isn’t a possibility to keep your beloved family friend, no matter how much you wish you could. So, today I’m going to tell you about the best ways to find a new home for your pooch.

  • Why Dogs Shouldn't Roam
    A member of our Next Day Pets community was recently made aware that a puppy she bred and put into the care of a family member lost her life because she was allowed to roam free. In the spirit of this dearly departed dog, I decided to use today’s Daily Tips to talk about why companion dogs shouldn’t be allowed to roam free.

  • Dangers of Dog Waste
    Pooper scooper duty--nobody wants to do it, but it must be done. Dog waste isn’t just a pain in your shoe treads, an unappealing smell in your yard, and an organic means to prank a nasty neighbor. It is unhealthy for you, your family, your dog, your community, and our ecosystem. Picking up after your dog isn’t a choice, it is a responsibility.

  • Top 15 Dog-Owner Mistakes
    If you are at the end of your rope with your dog, or maybe just want to read up on how you can be an even better dog owner than you already are, read up on these 15 common dog-owner mistakes. Sometimes it just takes changing your own behavior to make your dog a little angel.

  • Your Dog's Allergies
    One of the most common health concerns among dogs is allergies. Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to foreign substances. Allergies can be difficult to recognize and frustrating to handle. I hope the following information will help if your dog is experiencing allergy symptoms.

  • Can My Dog Be a Therapy Dog?
    You can take this wonderful quality dogs possess to a whole new level by using your dog to bring joy to others. Therapy dogs brighten the days of the sick, the injured, the elderly, and the home-bound. If you are interested in contributing to the quality of life of others by making your dog a therapy dog, here’s what you need to know.

  • Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter
    Whenever dog owners find out they have to leave town, there is always the looming question: What do I do with my dog? You can board your dog at the kennel, you can hire a pet sitter, or you can take the pooch with you. The best alternative is to take the dog with you, that is not always possible. The next best alternative is to hire a pet sitter.