Arlo's Daily Tips Articles
Read what's on the mind of Arlo, the Next Day Pets Beagle. These daily tips, fun facts, and information are a great reason to take a short break every day to think about our favorite thing--our pets!

Arlo's Daily Tips Articles
  • Socializing Puppy
    The great big world seems even bigger to brand-new puppies. You can help your pup learn to be brave and friendly by proper socializing him to new people, places, and experiences.

  • Dogs and Water
    Water makes up close to 80% of the dog’s body. It is necessary for almost all vital functions, regulates temperature, and filters waste from the body. If your dog loses even one tenth of the water in his body, he is in serious trouble.

  • Christmas Tree Safety
    Christmas trees are a traditional marker of the holiday season. They are a fun way to make your home festive and get everyone in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, without the proper precautions, dogs and Christmas trees just don’t mix. Good thing Arlo’s here to help you enjoy your tree and your dog too!

  • Why is Brushing Your Dog Important
    Everyone knows that it is a good idea to brush their dog’s coat. It makes it silky and smooth and helps it stay healthy, shiny, and pleasant to the touch. However, there are plenty more reasons you should be brushing your dog on a regular basis!

  • Dog Flu
    H3N8, also known as the canine influenza virus (CIV), or dog flu, is a respiratory disease that can be contracted by dogs. It is not contagious to humans.

  • Your Dog in Your Wedding
    In honor of the recent nuptials of a member of our Next Day Pets family, and the upcoming wedding of another, here are some tips on how include your dog in your wedding and make sure it goes over without a hitch. This is a fun way to have your best furry friend in on one of the most memorable days of your life.

  • Coprophagia
    Coprophagia is the term for a dog’s tendency to eat their own waste. There are a lot of theories as to why some dogs do this. No one really knows exactly why they do it, but many experts believe that there are several reasons and that different dogs do it for different reasons.

  • Why Quit Smoking for Your Dog?
    The US media thoroughly covers the dangers of cigarettes to human health, not to mention the warning information on the packaging and in antismoking commercials. However, many people don’t realize that smoking is dangerous to their pets as well.

  • Canine Safety on Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is a fun and festive holiday, but it can also be extremely stressful or even dangerous for your dog. Remember these tips for a healthy, happy Thanksgiving and keep your dog safe while you celebrate.

  • Ban Bad Breath
    Do your dog’s kisses turn you green? Do flowers wilt when he pants nearby? Does your dog take the term “dog breath” to new levels of gross? The following ideas can help. Keep in mind that Fido’s bad breath is more than an icky inconvenience; his dental health can affect his brain and heart health as well as other vital systems in his body.