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30 weeks, 5 days

Puppy Details

  • AVAILABLE: 11/16/2013
  • DEPOSIT: $100.00
  • SHIPPING AVAILABLE: No, Local Pickup Only

BREED: Bloodhound Puppy

INCLUDES: health guarantee, immunizations x 3, wormed 3 times, akc registration, aca registration, apri registration

Description of Puppy

We had a beautiful litter from Tuppence and Gatsby (this is their second litter) the 17th of September, 2013. The litter consisted of 9 puppies, all Black and Tans. 6 males and 3 females. Please call us at 573-474-8614 for updated information about puppies that are available. This puppy and his siblings should be ready to go to their forever homes on the 18th of November. However we will be happy to keep the puppy for longer at no extra charge if it is a Christmas gift.

Gatsby, our Champion, is the Sire of this litter. Gatsby, has earned his APRI Regular Championship and also his Prominent Championship (termed Dual Championships). He has also been judged Best in Breed in 4 ACA shows and earned his full Championship with ACA and has also earned Ribbons in Best of Group 4 times. Parker, his brother, earned his Championship with the APRI.

We generally try to plan on 2-3 litters per year- one from each of our triple pedigreed females. We try to have all three colors during the year if possible. The majority of our Black and Tans are quite spectacular with their full blanket-backs. It is virtually impossible to totally predict whether or not a puppy will eventually be a “Saddleback” or a “Full Blanket-back” with respect to the darker color as this can change over their first three to six months.

All of our dogs live in and share our home full time. The puppies are whelped in our whelping room and once weaned, they are moved into our living room into a 4' by 8' pen to give them plenty of room to grow and to continue their socialization. They then can be better observed for certain traits that new owners are looking for and also requesting (eg. excellent nose for SAR, temperament, conformation, Show Potential for just a few). Bloodhounds need to be restrained inside of a fenced area as they will run off following the smells that intrigue them, and frequently they are unable to find their way home. We will not place a puppy in a new environment unless arrangements are made to construct a fenced area if one is not already available.

After birth the puppies are supplemented with Goat's Milk which helps with socialization, and they become accustomed to our voices and smells, and it also supplies extra calories during this period which is the most rapid during the first 3 months of life. While in our Living Room, the pups can be observed at all times and are socialized frequently each day with picking them up and holding them.

We now have pups in 23 states. 2 are “International Travelers” (they live in Scotland for 1/2 of each year), and one puppy in Canada. About one third of our pups are involved in some form of Search and Rescue, a number are Therapy Dogs, but the majority are Companion Pets. Hopefully within the next year, some of our puppies will be trained to be Cancer Sniffing Canines!

Our prices are $700 for pups from any of our litters. A non-refundable deposit of $100 (personal checks are fine) and will hold your puppy until you are able to come and pick up your puppy. We request that the “balance due” be paid in cash at that time.

Long ears, large boned with lots of wrinkles are characteristic of our puppies. We have never had any puppies with any type of dysplasia or other Genetic defects that would cause pain and/or suffering. This is all explained in our puppy warranty and instructions when purchased.

We emphasize our holistic feeding to give our puppies the best start to a life of excellent health. All puppies are current with their immunizations (two Vanguard Plus 5) by 8 weeks, and they will require a third immunization at 12 weeks of age. They have been wormed 3 times and have been started on Heartworm prophylaxis prior to the pups leaving our Kennel.

We are licensed in our State of Missouri-- with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as an Animal Care Facility being Hobby Breeders, and we belong to the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. We encourage the new puppy owners to investigate the Health Insurance through the AKC, and the first month after adoption is free. With rising costs across the board, this is an excellent way to prevent financial devastation incurred from any unforeseen accidents and/or other illnesses that might come about and be extremely costly.

Thank you for your interest in our Bloodhound Puppies...they are truly awesome and we could not be more proud as this comes from very careful "Selective Breeding" and by adding new ”out-sources” to our Kennel as are needed. Our Gene Pool is continuously being expanded and improved, and this is what makes Selective Breeding an excellent way to improve the breed of Bloodhounds.

On very rare occasions, a puppy/dog needs to be returned to us, generally because of ill health of the owners, and sometimes due to geographical moves where they cannot take their puppies/dogs with them. We try in every case to re-home these puppies/dogs that have been relinquished. We keep a list of interested parties, as when this happens we place our puppies/dogs in new homes at no cost after we have ascertained that they will be well cared for in the new home that we find for them.

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