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This Puppy Is No Longer Available!

This Puppy Is No Longer Available!


American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

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1 year, 48 weeks

Puppy Details

  • AVAILABLE: 6/1/2013
  • DEPOSIT: $500.00
  • SHIPPING AVAILABLE: Yes, $300.00 (Estimated)

BREED: American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

INCLUDES: adba registration , all vaccinations , health certificate

Description of Puppy

This is the Male Pick of the litter,

Your search is over, If you are looking for the best Blue Nose puppies you have found the place. These puppies are 100% blue with an amazing line of healthy ancestry.

Remember quality is priceless and you get what you pay for.

There are many kennels claiming to be the best but there is only one Bluenosepits.

Our breeding lines go back for over 10 years, I offer some of the highest quality apbt's in the nation.

We have been a verified member with next day pets for years with many happy clients from all over the world.

Be careful when buying online for fly by night breeders and online scams. In most cases a conversation with the breeder by phone will give you a good idea if they are someone you would feel comfortable sending money to.

All the puppies I sell are pure bred American Pit Bull Terriers. I do not sell cross bred "american bullies", all american bullies are crossed with english bulldogs or rottweilers. It is impossible to obtain a legitimate U.K.C. pedigree for an american bully, if you did get pedigree registration with your "american bully" it is 100% fake and the U.K.C. will verify that. The quality I offer is produced through hard work and selectively bred high quality American Pit Bull Terriers.

Beware of breeders selling puppies with there ears cropped before they are 3-6 months old. Some people will crop there puppies ears before they are old enough to make them look more appealing so they will sell easy. The cartilage in the puppies ears is to soft when it is under 3-6 months to support the weight of the ears leading to bad ear crops. 85% of puppies that have there ears cropped before 3-6 months will have an ugly or bad ear crop. This information can be confirmed by contacting any vet that regularly crops ears. In fact most vets will refuse to crop the ears at an early age and some times the breeder will do the surgery him/herself which is very inhumane and illegal. If your buying a puppy that already has it's ears cropped make the breeder provide a receipt from the vet showing the ear crop was done at the vet, I would even recommend contacting the vet to be sure it is legitimate.

Blue nose Pitts

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