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2 weeks, 4 days

Puppy Details

  • AVAILABLE: 6/8/2015
  • DEPOSIT: $250.00
  • SHIPPING AVAILABLE: Yes, $300.00 (Estimated)

BREED: Golden Retriever Puppy

INCLUDES: akc limited reg, pedigree, health guarantee 2y, vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed

Description of Puppy

Promise Land Goldens puppies are sold mostly by reservation. We appreciate the patience given to us by our customers.

Skylar has been bred will be confirmed in June if took.
Puppies take home time....will be in Aug

Skylar was chosen to be apart of our kennel because of her incredible pedigree, health clearances, stunning looks, established temperament and intellegence. Skylar has "Good" hips, perfect elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid. Her beautiful creamy, white coat, blocky head and black points (her nose and eye rims are solid black). Skylar weighs 68 lbs and stands 21 inches. Skylar is from a moderate energy line. Skylar's sweet cuddley personality combined with her natural agility ability makes her a wonder to see. She has a gentle personality in any situation. Skylar has a wonderful ability to babysit the younger dogs. If they jump she just takes there collar and makes them sit. She is truely a help with the young puppies. Skylar makes outstanding show dogs and agility dogs with her beautiful conformation and rear end performance. If your looking for a outstanding family dog to play with the kids, you can't go wrong with her sweet puppies.

​Skylar's pedigree is stacked with champions from top to bottom including

Father Side:
Father-The Young Champion of Russia Brend Goda Iz Stolitsy Urala
Grandfather-INT/RUSCH,JCHRUS, 4xCHNKP, CHRKF All My Dream in Famous Family (3/29/2008-)
Great Grandfather- 2009 & 2011 World Champion, Dewmist Silk Screen, BIS Junior, CACIB, BOB, BIS, ITA Club winner, BOD

Mother Side:
Great Grandfather-JCh CZ, Ch CZ, Ch SK Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron "U" Jr Club Winner, Club Winner, National Winner (1/22/2004-) 3CAJC, 15CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2res.CACIB, 10res.CAC

She has 26 Champions and award winners in four generations. On Skylar's father side there are Russsian, Hungary and Dutch Champions,while on her mothers side there are English, Irish, Polish, Dutch and German Champions.

Skylar of Promise Land

AKC: SR76972107

Heart: Normal GR-CA26639/17F/C-VPI
Eye: Normal OFA-GR-EYE2699/18F-VPI
Hips: PennHip 90%, OFA-Good Prelim
Elbows: Normal - Prelim OFA
Patellas: Normal GR-PA792/17F/P-VPI
Thyroid: Normal GR-TH2636/14F-VPI

Weight: 68lbs Height: 21inches

Trident was chosen to be a part of our kennel because of his incredible pedigree, perfect health clearances, stunning looks, established temperament and intellegence.Trident has "Good" hips, perfect elbows, eyes and heart. His stunning white coat, beautiful conformation, blocky head ,black points (his nose and eye rims are solid black) makes him sought after. Trident's weight is 75lbs and his height is 24 in. He loves to get out and run, swim, and do whatever you ask of him. His gentle nature is loved by all, whether he is playing with children or looking after his puppies. Trident has a moderate energy level for the Golden Retriever. His puppies can go from low to high energy levels depending on the female he is breed with. We have placed several of his puppies in therapy homes and nursing homes. They have done a marvelous job. Some of his other puppies have gone to Washington State to work search and rescue finding people buried in avaluanches. They have excelled at this. With the right female they makes outstanding show dogs and agility dogs with there beautiful conformation and rear end performance. They can make great obedience, hunt tests, agility, tracking, search and rescue, field trials, therapy, competition and the best for companionship.

Trident's pedigree is stacked with champions from top to bottom, including

Father Side:
Grandfather- Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B. 3/25/2005, BIS Puppy, CAC, BOB, BIS, BOS, CACIB, R.CACIB
Great Grandfather-International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere (7/20/2002-4/18/2013)

Mother Side:
Grandmother-ICH,SCG.CH,Ro.Ch,Hch,HSHCH,HGCh, MKSZ. HCH-HGCH Erdoskerti Quixotic Ability Test, Working Test, Breed Exhibition (6/24/2000-) 27xCAC,5xCACIB,2xres.CACIB,BOS,BIS,5xBOB,2xBOG.

If you study Trident's outstanding pedigree you will see that his pedigree holds 24 Champions and award winners in four generations. On Trident's father side there are French and Netherlands Champions, while on his mother side there are English, Irish, Hungary, French and Serbia Champions.

Trident of Promise Land

AKC: SR62902702

Heart: Normal OFA-GR-CA21373/20M/C-NOPI
Eye: Normal OFA-GR-EYE5861/53M-NOPI
Hips: PennHip 60% 892402 OFA-Good-Prelim
Elbows: Normal OFA-Prelim

Weight: 75lbs Height: 24 inches

While energy levels vary from dog to dog, these puppies are expected to be low to moderate energy level for the Golden Retriever. Their intelligence enables them to excel in obedience training. They are often trained and used as service dogs to the blind and disabled. Their friendly and affectionate personalities also make them ideal visitors for homes and allow them to be wonderful hose dogs. The puppies are expect to be white in color with dark pigmentaion.

Our Mission - Produce high quality Golden Retrievers that are a worthy example of the Golden Retriever breed standard… We strive for great health combined with loving temperaments.We provide each buyer with a pedigree, AKCl imited registration, shot record and schedule. We also provide each buyer with NuVet information, a 2yr with NuVet written health guarantee, a baby blanket they have played with and has been rub over mom, a sample packet of food, packet of puppy training tips, feeding tips with nutritional guide lines, and health tips with neutering and spaying. We take great pride and care developing our Golden Retrievers foundation. Puppies are sold with a life time of support.

First to ensure your puppy’s good health. It starts before your puppy is ever conceived, providing proper diet and exercise to the parents. Throughout the pregnancy, the dam is monitored to ensure she and the puppies are progressing well. In addition to this she is provided with NuVet and exercise. We are there, assisting with every birth during whelp.

We begin the puppies pre-training. Socialization starts at birth and should not be stopped until the dog is well adjusted.The puppy socialization is the crucial first step in your dog's obedience training. It forms a trusting foundation on which your dog will learn and grow. We like The Rule of 7s in Puppy Socialization

Each puppy is then taken to the veterinarian for a check-up (along with the dam), and dewclawed. Dewclawing is a simple procedure in which the side claws of the front legs are removed, preventing painful and expensive accidents in the future. This will be there first vet visit. Each puppy is carefully monitored throughout their time with us, weaned on a breed-appropriate diet. By the time each English Cream Golden Retriever puppy leaves us they will have had there first vaccinations (Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus Cough (Kennel Cough), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus), 3 dewormings, dew claws removed, coccidia treatment for prevention and a final check up from the veterinarian where they are given a heart and full body examination. There shot and health record will be provided.


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