Newfoundland Landseer Unborn

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This Puppy Is No Longer Available!

This Puppy Is No Longer Available!


Newfoundland Puppy

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2 years, 2 weeks

Puppy Details

  • AVAILABLE: 5/15/2013
  • DEPOSIT: $200.00
  • SHIPPING AVAILABLE: Yes, $250.00 (Estimated)

BREED: Newfoundland Puppy

INCLUDES: akc/ckc/fci

Description of Puppy

Litter due March 15. Taking Deposits. ROCKY VALLEY FARM is a State Licensed naturally and sustainably managed farm with AKC/CKC/FCI registered Newfoundland Landseers. Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree. Shipping Available. TRAINING AVAILABLE Rocky Valley Farm dot com.


In certain situations I provide basic training for a fee of $800. I would hold the pup an additional 30 days after receipt of both sale price and training price in full. During this time I will crate train which shortens housebreaking timeframe significantly. I will teach them their name. I will also teach them the following commands:

Sit - pretty basic but essential - I teach them to do this on command as well as when approached by a human. This helps eliminate the desire to jump on you and Granny. Later at 130lbs you will thank me.

Come - if you cant get them to do this - "Houston, we have a problem!" Picture trying to chase that cute 130lbs friend out the door with your TV remote in its mouth.

Hurry Up - this is the command I use to tell the pup to go to the bathroom "now" and not 45 minutes after it sniffed every blade of grass while you are walking in pouring rain.

Leave It - "Leave it" is the command I use to tell an animal that an object does not belong to them. If they learn that, your life will be so much easier. Once they grasp the understanding you can train them really fast in their new environment.

What I can't do is train your family to use these words. Consistency is the key. No, stop it, bad boy, Oh my Gosh, Holy Cannoli and all the other things one may utter have no meaning to Cutie Pie. If you can learn these 4 commands you will have a really happy, pet friendly home. (And barn too. I actually use the same training with my goats! : ))

And dont worry that they may not love you if you wait another 30 days. I assure you they will latch on to you. First they will have Grandma, 24/7, to work with them during the most crucial training age. He/she will be a bigger fur ball but still a loving puppy happy to be with its forever family. The difference will come when shipping. A little more weight to ship will cost a little more.

***Like humans, all animals have their own personalities. Some pick up certain commands easier than others. I can't guarantee they will do these things perfectly but I can guarantee they will be very familiar with them and I will let you know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. I will also be available for continued consult to help with any other training issues you may experience. I want both you and the pup to be happy together.***

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