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I live on a small sailboat and would like to know more about the Spanish Waterdog as a possible...

I live on a small sailboat and would like to know more about the Spanish Waterdog as a possible boat companion. Does it shed? Is there a toy or a mini weighing about 10 pounds? I assume it likes the water? I will appreciate any and all information

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Spanish water dogs are a hassle to groom but it does not shed. They are seriously active dogs and are very, very intelligent large dogs. They can adapt to almost any environment. It loves the water and in fact, was bred to do various actions in the water. There are no toy or mini versions of this dog that I know of. These dogs are prone to ear infections and hip dysplasia so choose you breeder and dog wisely. I hope this information helps.
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/23/2012 9:23:09 PM

my spanish water dog is adorable she is very active and quite small but loves the water and balls.SWD's will always be there for you but if you don't want to groom they do it themselves so i would say it is perfect.But it gets annoying when people pemantly ask if she is a labradoodle. I hope this helps you.
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As all breeds, some are great water dogs, some are great gundogs, some great herders. Your breeder should be able to help you acquire the right pup for level of your activity. Spanish Waterdogs are sheared 1-2 times a year depending on your activity level (leaves apt to catch in the cords). I have been a breeder of this magnificent breed since 2002 - their coats are easily maintained - no brushing. They do adapt to your energy level but those with high drive should be placed into a working home! SWD do weigh more than 10 poinds.
    Answered by lijaswd - 7/25/2014 7:31:38 PM