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I just got a male puppy whose mother is 100% timberwolf and the father is 100% great pyrenees. ...

I just got a male puppy whose mother is 100% timberwolf and the father is 100% great pyrenees. He is 7 weeks old and already weighs 22 pounds. So far he is doing quite well even with the cats. He has a really sweet temperment. I have a huge german shepherd too. What can I expect from this kind of hybrid?

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First of all, if this is a current age for your puppy, the mother can't be anywhere near pure wolf. Pure wolf females ONLY have puppies in the spring, usually April and sometimes May. There are no exceptions to that, it is just part of their biology. Odds are, if the puppy is that age now (Oct 2011), the mother is far less than half wolf. Mid content wolfdogs usually have pups in winter. Females having pups in mid to late summer are more dog than anything, so the puppy would take more after the traits of the father's breed, and whatever the mother really is. A puppy that is really half wolf will not make a good pet in the sense most people expect, and will be dangerous to the cat. With yours being more dog than anything, it could make a great pet depending on the temperament he inherits, and how you raise him.
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Interesting. He's huge and looks more like a wolf every day, size and behavior wise. The mother sure would fool you. She looks and acts much like my father's hybrid did. It doesnt' matter though, we love him dearly and that's what matter right? Thanks so much for your response.
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I have a 7 month old pyr/wolf mix. she takes after her mother who is great pyrenees but looks like her father. the pyrenees are known for loving cats but not so much other dogs. when we got her she was the size of a small cyote but her sister looked 100% pyr. not only was the looks of both girls totally diffrent but their temperments were far from the same. our girl is sweet and layed back where her sister is well a bitch lol. i have read up some what on wolf hybrids and it said that the wolf traits will show up when they get on up in age 5ish. good luck they are beautiful animals :)
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His birthdate is August 4 2011. He's now 4ft 3 in from tip of nose to tip of tail and weighs in at 50 pounds. His coat is still white but starting to turn reddish brown like his mother. His favorite pass time is digging up mole hills and leaving the carcass on my porch. Same for crickets and huge spiders. YUCK!
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You do not have a 1/2 wolf dog. Wolves ONLY give birth in February to April period of the year, no exceptions. Please visit this website for misrepresentation information (http://texx-wolf-tails.webs.com/misrepresentation.htm) and this section for info on WD puppies (http://virginiawolves.zoomshare.com/3.html)
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