Wolf Hybrid Question

Are wolf hybrids safe for people who are allergic?

    In Wolf Hybrid - Asked by itsnow107 - 11/21/2012 6:19:07 PM
Wolf hybrids are not suitable for most families. Please investigate before you make a big mistake. Don't just ask the breeder. Remember one half of this animal is wild. There was an excellent TV program on the inappropriateness of wolf hybrids. Also Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) has worked with them; they are not for families with children.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/25/2012 1:45:13 PM

First of all they are not F1 or 1/2 wolves in the majority of the breedings! They are also great with children & families 99% of the time! Occasionally you get one that is very shy or timid- but I've never had one that is aggressive in any manner towards anyone-unless they have newborn babies & then they don't want anyone but me to be near. When wolfdogs( or any dog for that matter) is mistreated or raised by an idiot( see anonymous)...then of course problems are to be expected! Unfortunately there are a lot of poeple who shouldn't own a dog of any kind( or raise children for that matter!)
    Answered by cmurrey - 3/25/2013 11:36:09 AM

No- they would not be good for people allergic to the dander in dog hair...as they shed & blow their coats both Spring & Fall- but as my other answer states- it's not due to any problems with the wolfdogs' behavior!
    Answered by cmurrey - 3/25/2013 11:39:24 AM

It depends on what breed of dog it is mixed with. Wolves are not suppose to shed (except their winter coat), but if they get that shedding gene, then its the total opposite. Even if they're a higher content, they can still get that gene and shed EVERYWHERE. I had a 94% and he shed like crazy, but at the moment I have a 73% and she doesn't shed at all. -As for the family, I don't understand why it was brought up, but it all depends on the dog. People say that "the more wolf, the more dangerous." Which is true because they have that instinct to hunt and prey, but I have read that the more dog, the more dangerous, because dogs have the tendency to tick and do something unexpected, when wolves do not. To be safe, I tell people no small children and no small animals. The 94% I had was great with EVERYTHING (kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, & a 3 yr old). My 73% is okay with my cats and puppies, but I wouldn't leave her alone with them.
    Answered by missdeejayn - 9/27/2013 11:35:22 AM

I am actually not allergic to dogs at all, but my Nephew brought over his wolf-hybrid and I played with him for just a short time before my eyes began to itch, my airway began to close up, and I had one of the worst allergic reactions I've ever had. I have had dogs my entire life and they not only cuddle with me on the sofa, they sleep in bed with me and I've never had a reaction. Less than 10 minutes with my Nephew's gorgeous hybrid and I thought I was going to die. /shrug
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/22/2013 6:31:01 PM