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Is the Rafeiro do Alentejo derived from the Pyrenees Mastiff (sheepdog)? Is this breed good for...

Is the Rafeiro do Alentejo derived from the Pyrenees Mastiff (sheepdog)? Is this breed good for trailing (scent or sight) in a pack of hunting hounds? Can this breed live, guard and hunt out of doors year round, and can the Rafeiro do Alentejo survive in arctic extreme winter conditions, comparable to the Pyrenees Mastiff? I am a professional hunting guide and packer and want to breed my Walker hounds to a comparable sized dog as the Rafeiro do Alentejo and develop a running/sight hound to use in the Rockies of Montana and Wyoming. The dog I want must have a double coat that can be shed (undercoat) and work in hot, arid, high altitudes. I have bred my Walkers into the Chesapeake Retriever and they are double coated and can shed for summer extremes, but my dogs need to be crossed with a breed that has greater running capacity (distance) for very hot, arid summer conditions. And the Pyrenees is just too heavy and thickly muscled running endurance. Thanks for advice and reply.

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Rafeiro do Alentejo's can't be left outside all day and can't go hunting because they are extremely suspicious of strangers so you can never let them off leash and make a great guard dog.
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I have no experience with the Rafeiro do Alentejo breed, but found this link (immediately after reading your question) that looked like it provided helpful information, separate links to breeders, as well as a link to the foreign affairs agent of the Portuguese A.C.R.A. (I am not connected in any way to any of these links.)I hope it helps. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/rafeirodoalentejo.html
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