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I am considering buying a lhasapoo how big do they normallly get. Are they very calm/ energtic...

I am considering buying a lhasapoo how big do they normallly get. Are they very calm/ energtic need some help before we buy,I have a 10 year old who is so excited about this dog,her second dog buy the way

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Well I believe my mom has one, we've never been 100% sure because we found him abandoned but the picture right there should be the biggest it will get. Our owen is the same size and he is two years old. Very mild temprament, great with any people, dog or cats. Ready and willing to go on walks if you want to, or if you want to just relax at home, he will be right there with you. very good dog.
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We have a lhassapoo (half poodle half lhasa apso) and he is 7 atm. He doesn't bite, or shed. He'll run when we want him to, and obeys our commands. He is a very nice dog to have, and cute as well. I highly recommend one
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my lhasapoo is 6month and is very energetic and is good at catching small birds and mice and is brill around kids and other pets
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I have a 16 year old lhasapoo and she is only 6 pounds. She is very calm, smart, and sweet. We went and visited with the litter several times before picking one out. I did choose one of the smallest of the litter. Everyone who has ever been around her has loved her.
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I have a lhasapoo his name is bandit, hes more mellow now but when he was younger he was like pretty rambunkshis. hes really good with other dogs he goes up to them and smells them which is normal, and if a dog doesnt like it and growl he backs off. his dicipline is good, i do my own grooming . I would atleast groom 1x a day or every 3rd day to prevent snarls and matts. other than that i love the breed very good with my neice and nephew he don't even nip at anyone. if a car comes into the yard hes very protective he will barck because it's a stranger and is warning us. they are a very good companion
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