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I have a (normally) very active 2 year old Chi-poo. The other night, she was sleeping on my...

I have a (normally) very active 2 year old Chi-poo. The other night, she was sleeping on my bed,and i heard her crying in her dream..when she woke up she came into the bathroom (which i was in) and had a toy (that i have never seen her carry around before) and was whinning.Since then she has done nothing but cry and carry around her toy. She is perfectly fine when i am holding her or if she is right underneath my feet. She still plays and fetches her toys when we throw them. She also continues to get horrible ear-infections it seems everytime i give her a bath and it is hard to get rid of them (I have meds for it). Any suggestions to what could've happened to her?

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This sounds just like when each of my girls got ear infections, or just ear pain after eating milk products. They were okay during the day, but lying down increased the pressure in their ears, and it was so painful they could not sleep. What finally helped was chamomile tea bags, suggested by a holistic doctor. You dip the tea bag in boiled water, then squeeze it out and shake it several times to cool it down so it's still warm but not too hot for the skin. Then you hold it to the ear for about 5 minutes. I don't know if the heat gets the gunk inside moving and releases the pressure or the chamomile soothes the pain, but this really works! I've used it many times with my girls when the ear pain kept them awake, and after the tea bags, they often fell right to sleep. Is there any way to avoid getting water in her ears while you are bathing her?
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We have always massaged my chipoos ears and she has never had an ear infection. The chamomile will help them relax, Benadryl also works to help them sleep.
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