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HYPER!!!! We have a 5 month old Cavachon male. He seems to need ALOT of attention and...

HYPER!!!! We have a 5 month old Cavachon male. He seems to need ALOT of attention and activity. Research said that they are great apartment dogs and have low-moderate energey levels but he has been describe as, "intense" by a well qualified trainer.Has anyone else experienced this? What to do!

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My Cavachon is the same way. However, he is a quick learner and benefiting from Petco puppy training classes!
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My Cavachon puppy has similar behavior and benefits from a daily walk. We use a variety of toys to kee him busy. I think this is probably a phase. Petco training is helpful.
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I "thundershirt" our baby. I don't mean I put on one of the shirts they sell on him. I mean when I am holding him and he gets all squirmy or too rough, which he does sometimes, I gently squeeze him, GENTLY squeeze him evenly across his whole body with my arms crossed and pull him up against me and very softly and quietly lean close to his ear and say; "thundershirt". As soon as he relaxes and he ALWAYS does, I tell him again quietly; good boy and slowly stroke his back. He settles down after that. EXERCISE - We also PLAY with him a lot, and give him plenty of things to entertain him. Your pup at 5 months is still teething, which is painful and upsetting, so be sure he has plenty of proper chew toys. Also they are still babies. Don't get excited with him and he'll come around. try this too;
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We have a 3 year old cavachon and was definitely very high energy for the first year or two. We still crate him in the house when we leave. He used to chew everything in sight - and was very sneaky about it! Now, he very rarely chews anything. He has been very easy to potty train. My advice is , give him lots of opportunities to exercise and know that he will mellow with time. We absolutely love or cavachon and he has really become a great member of our family - who makes us laugh a lot.
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If you have time, take your dog on a long 1 - 3 mile walk each day. If you don't have time for that, try taking him for a 1/4 - 3/4 mile walk.You should also play games your dog enjoys with him each day. Here is a website to fun games that will make your dog think;|Treat+Dispensers&fbx=0
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Your Cavachon will calm down when he is around three years old. My a archon was CRAZY HYPER and now she is almost three. She is maturing and is fine with two walks per day.
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