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I have a female cavachon puppy who is 3 and a half months old, but she looks more like a bichon...

I have a female cavachon puppy who is 3 and a half months old, but she looks more like a bichon frise than a cavalier. People say that they do not see any cavalier in her. I stuggle to notice something too. She is very wild and barks and we cannot get her out of biting. So my question is... how do we get her out of bitig AND is it a problem that she looks more like a bichon? .. this is a picture of her before we bought her. please answer both questions as i am starting she worry she may not be a cavachon

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Other than the facial features, Cavaliers and Bichons are much alike. If you chose a puppy that is mostly white with no Cavalier markings, she will look like a Bichon. That is NOT a problem, she will still have the traits of both breeds. Biting and barking require TRAINING, that is the only thing that will stop this action and it must be corrected! Try getting a Puppy Training book or get help at your local pet store.
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First of all why do you care if its a cavachon or pure bichon anyway, and to stop her from biting cross your arms and ignore her (turn away from her)
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Well, for starters, dogs are very rough when they are young. You should know that as an owner. But as they mature, they become friendlier and calm. And the photo definately tells me she's a Cavachon, I have a boy, 5yrs, and he looked exactly like her as a puppy. And bichons only come mixed in the colors black or white. The half and half ones look like pandas. ^.^ Back to the point, it matters on the dog, as well as it's habbitat, and how it's owner treats it, Breed doesn't decide what nature the animals has. Hope this helps.
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I agree with that it doesn't really matter, we have the opposite situation than you, ours looks more like a Cavalier and other than being a bit solid and have a pointier nose, we don't see the Bichon, either way, each breed need consistant training, between 3 and 6 months dogs reach their adolescent stage and she may be challenging her boundaries. Definitely give a firm "NO!" if she goes "wild" and bite. Both breeds are known for being sweet but remember she's still a puppy. Definitely find a good trainer to see what appropriate methods you could use so that you can find reach a happy balance with her.
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A Cavachon can look more like a Bichon or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I think you can do a blood test at the Vet to determine if it's a Cavachon or Bichon.From, vet2b
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