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My cavapoo is 7 months old and I cannot get her to stop pooping in the house. She will go...

My cavapoo is 7 months old and I cannot get her to stop pooping in the house. She will go outside if she has to go at the time I take her out. She knows she was naughty when she does it because she will not do it in a room people are in like when she was very young and if you go in the room she did it in she goes the other way. I tell her she is naughty and put her in her crate for an hour. I reward her and tell her what a good girl she is when she outside. Any suggestion?

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My Cavapoo is nearly twelve months old and I have the same problem, she poops in the street, park and garden and by my back door if the mood takes her, if I am busy in the kitchen she will not always bark to be let out so I have to have eyes in the back of my head, don't tell her off my one got upset when she was smaller and started hidding and pooping behind the armchair and you do not want that to happen cavapoos seem to take a bit longer to housetrain.
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Hmm this is interesting, my cavapoo puppy started asking to go outside and even whining if we didn't notice about 8 weeks after he was born.
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We had the very same problem !Couldnt get our cavapoo clean, after hours of repeatedly taking him out, putting him on newspaper etc.,until one day for no apparent reason the penny dropped ! This was at about 9 months I think. I will say I think it best certainly not to shout but to be just consistant taking her out after any food , after naps etc., until the day comes when she will get it. Our dog now would rather explode than make a mistake , wherever we are, this after months of coaxing and repetitive training. These dogs are intelligent so have faith and dont give up and especially dont scold or shout they really do not like it or respond well to it. Like children no two are the same or do things at the same time. Good luck I'm sure she will get it soon ! The rewards are worth it they really are superb little dogs.
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Our Cavapoos are 12 months old the only time we have accidents are if they decide their newspaper is a toy and tear it up into pieces all over the floor leaving them with no designated place they can go while were at work. Generally they will tell us when they need to go out. I taught one of ours to talk on command as a pup then made her talk before i let her out - she soon caught on.
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There isn't any need to leave your cavapoo in the crate for an hour. A dog will know it's done wrong just by you telling her NO when she does it. If you don't catch her in the act then there isn't any use telling her anything. Just clean it up and try and catch her doing it next time. It really is a case of praise her loads and loads when she goes outside, and if she goes inside and you see her doing it, immediatly give a short sharp no, get into her space and take her outside. Then it's a case of waiting for her to go and lavish her with praise. I guess the main point is you're doing the right thing outside, but inside they only need telling once. Having a 'time-out' in a crate for an hour does nothing but waste an hour time and could even (depending on the temperement of the dog) be working against you. Hope i've helped :) (I have a Shihpoo and a Cavapoo by the way)
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/8/2012 6:48:49 AM

I have a bell hung on a long chord on the handle of the back door which our cavavpoo rings with her paw whenever she wants to go out. She doesn't bark much and when I was toilet training her I realised she was having accidents because she couldn't tell me when she wanted to go out. She caught on to this very quickly. Google 'training a dog to ring bell' and there are lots of videos of how to do it. I also confined her so that I could watch her all the time when I was training her, so she couldn't nip off without me seeing her. Check out training videos by Tab 289 on you tube too.
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