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Our 1 year old F1 Aussie Doodle is showing bad hehavior I hope not aggression by barking and...

Our 1 year old F1 Aussie Doodle is showing bad hehavior I hope not aggression by barking and jumping aggressively when we leave or come back in to the house from either being out or even from the garage.

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I would guess it is the dog not the breed. It sounds like seperation anxiety. Not an easy thing to fix but with training and even mild tranquillizers for long durations it can be overcome. It is a fairly common issue.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/30/2012 3:41:08 AM

Our Golden Doodle goes crazy with excitement when we come home even if I just run to the corner store for 10 minutes. She greets us like we have been away for days. When she was younger she would even pee a little. My guess is that he or she is just a big talker and you have someone who is glad to see your back. The Aussie in them could also be the reason for the barking. The jumping is the Poodle in them, I swear sometimes ours could walk on two legs for the rest of her life .
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It doens't sound like aggression at all. Our Australian Shepherd gets excited to see us even if we are gone for short times. Like the other person said, he/she is probably just a talker. Our Aussie sure likes to communicate to us by vocalizing. With the jumping thing, is probably just the puppy coming out of your dog. Our Aussie did the same thing only without the barking when she was younger. Now that she's older and we've worked on the jumping thing, she's a lot better. She still jumps on us but it's deffently controlled jumping. It could be seperation anxiety like the other person said but I personlly think your dog's puppieness is just coming out and should be trained not to jump. I would reccemend getting a trainer to tell you exactly what the problem is and can help you fix it. Hope this helps:)
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/27/2013 10:48:48 PM

My advice is nip this behavior in the bud now. The jumping up is a Poodle/Doodle thing 100% but the aggressive jumping is not... that is more a behavioral issue and needs to be stopped asap. When they jump up on you just put your kneee up and say "Off" not "Down" because that is a different command for laying down. Say off, put your knee up grab their collar and hold them in a standing position until they calm down say "Good Off" and praise them. When you are waiting for them to calm down do not talk to them, give them eye contact or yell at them. Just be silent or you will be rewarding the behavior with your attention. Once they have calmed down and are no longer acting up that is when you lavish them with praise but you absolutly need to make sure they know you mean business. This can be dangerous behavior if there was a young child in the room or an elderly person so the sooner you can train them not to jump up on you and bark the better. The barking is the same concept.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/28/2014 7:53:17 AM