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My family is considering either a shihpoo or cockapoo puppy. What are the pros and cons of both?

3 of the 4 of us leave at 8 am weekdays (2 come back at 4ish, 1 back at 7ish). What is the better of these two breeds overall? Any other important information would be highly appreciated.

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I had and have both. I had a shipoo for ten years. He was a rescue as was his mate a cockapoo. When the vet put the shipoo, Waldo to sleep in 2012, the vet said he probably was nearing 20 years of age, if not older. This is just my opinion, as I am the "Adopted Mother" of them both. I adored and adore them both but, the shipoo was MUCH better than the cockapoo. Now, I will say, Homer, the cockapoo was abused when we rescued him, from a previous owner, as a baby. He is now twelve years old now though, and some of the aggression remains. He HATES his feet touched. He also HATES so badly to be groomed or treated at the vet, he must be muzzled. He is a great dog for me, as he is a love bug and loves to be close, and I am in a wheelchair. He is also one that will steal things out of trash cans, rooms, etc and when you try to take whatever it is from him he will growl and try to bite. Shipoos are better with children.
    Answered by Bifida - 6/18/2014 10:52:05 AM