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My family is thinking of getting a Shih-poo. What are some pros and cons of the breed? We aren't...

My family is thinking of getting a Shih-poo. What are some pros and cons of the breed? We aren't super busy, but the kids go to school and I go to work during the day and we have pretty much only between 3-5:00 and the 7-8:00 to socialize with the dog...

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I love my shihpoo! She was easy to house break. She will come, sit and stay- also twirl and walk on hind legs for treats. I believe she will learn many more commands with the proper training. She is very smart. She loves to sleep in my bed at night and will alert me by growling or barking at any unusual noise. She is very playful and loving. She gets along great with my 2 cats. She requires much attention and left alone for many hours I'm afraid would make her become lonesome and depressed. Probably a better companion for adults.
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I also have a shihpoo, 11 mths old. I work all day and have crated her from the start. Now when she sees me in my work uniform she just comes downstairs and goes straight into her crate, although she also goes to the crate when she does something wrong so that is the heads up for me to see what she did, lol. They are a very smart breed, sometimes too smart but like I said, mine is sometimes crated as long as 8-12 hrs and she does fine. The crating is to protect her as she does get into stuff when I turn my back, tissues, plants, paper will be chewed but as for shoes and such she has never chewed them. Keeping my fingers crossed that she outgrows this stage, it is getting better but I give her those large chew bones and have from the day the got her at 10 wks old.
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