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I have a 9 week old shih/poo. We live in a tri-level & he's too small to climb the stairs. Our...

I have a 9 week old shih/poo. We live in a tri-level & he's too small to climb the stairs. Our bedroom is upstairs. He cries & claws at the crate when closed in it. I have also been closing him in the bathroom at night for his protection. He cries in there too. He sleeps fine in his bed during the day as long as we're around. How do I get him to be quiet & sleep in his bed at night? I've been sleeping every night with him on the couch. He's only two pounds & I'm afraid of laying on him? Any suggestions? I'd like to sleep in my own bed again.

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hi, i just got a shih poo about 3 weeks ago. he's 11 weeks now. he did the same thing the first couple nights i brought him home. i would put him in his crate and go to bed but if i walked out of his view he would start crying and after a few minutes he would start barking. i work and go to school so after a few nights of being kept awake pretty much all night i decided to just let him sleep in the bed with me and my boyfriend. i was apprehensive about laying on him too but honestly it hasn't been a problem yet. and my boyfriend is a super heavy sleeper who moves around A LOT. we've never laid on him. so, you should be fine with him in your bed. (:
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We have paddy who is now 6 months and he will not sleep in a room on his own cries and barks. Now we bring him in to our bedroom but in his crate and he sleeps like a baby. We had him at the groomers yesterday and now he will not leave our side and seems traumatized ? He is quiter than normal anyone know is this normal
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This same thing happened to us with our Shih Poo. They are very social dogs and want to be with people. Our vet told us to just put her in bed with us at our feet. We did so and she is fine now. She just likes being near us and she stays at our feet so we dont squash her.
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Put the crate in the room with a fleecy blanket and little bed.. I put mine next to my bed so he could see me at night if he woke up. It worked very well, also keeps the pee off the bed as with such a big area.. they will wander to the other side of the bed to pee thinking it isn't THEIR bed they are peeing on :-)
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