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I am thinking of getting a Shi-poo. Sadly, my daughter needs a hypoallergenic dog, because of...

I am thinking of getting a Shi-poo. Sadly, my daughter needs a hypoallergenic dog, because of allergies. My question is is that do Shih poos shed? Some people say they do, and some say they dont. My second question is, is that are Shih poos active, because my kids are young, and you know how they are!! Last question is, is how much do the adult shih poos weigh? Thanks! Hopw someone can help!

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Hi there, no shih-poos don't shed. I take mine to the groomers every month for a trim and freshen up.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/29/2012 10:36:05 AM

no shih-poos do not shed. i have one and i have to say you have to love these dogs. they love to play. they are active, loyal and very intellegent. My shih-poo is 3 months now and he learned how to sit is house broken. But remember do not leave him with a closed door they will cry. i just put him in my room and he sleeps and wakes NO one up. I love them and they are the best puppies you can ever get. And they weigh 10-15 pounds which is very small hop this helped! i recommend
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Hi, I am a proud owner of a female shih-poo. I got her also cause of my sons allergies and I couldn't have made a better choice. They do not shed at all however that is also another reason I chose the shih-poo .To answer your 2nd question active is an understatement with my baby. Shih-poo's are very active, extremely intelligent, loving and very easily house trained. They are very easy going and love kids they also are very welcoming to lots of attention also other pets as well. Hoped this helps in making your decision I think a shih-poo would a great familly pet
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I have two shih-poo's, one is male the other is female. Both of mine DO shed. Although they didn't start shedding until around the age of two. I guess it would depend on which trait they have the most of. Both of mine have been excellent with my children. They how ever do not like to be pulled on a lot my little kids. They weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. They are excellent dogs and will let you know if someone they don't know is around. They are very loving and loyal. Hope this helped you.
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