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I just adopted a 7yr old male Shihpoo. When we brush him or do any kind of grooming he nips at...

I just adopted a 7yr old male Shihpoo. When we brush him or do any kind of grooming he nips at us. Just tonight I went to clean his mouth-he is eating soft food for he just had a cleaning/tooth extraction-and he bit me. Hard enough that it drew blood! Debating on going in to have it checked its that deep of a bite. Is it possible to train him not to bite/nip or what I can I do? We have really fallen in love with him and don't want to get rid of him. PLEASE HELP!!

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I have a ten month old Shihpoo and he recently bit a stranger on the leg causing a deep puncture wound. I'm not sure what to do either. I have re framed from walking him until I find a solution, I plan to take him to a trainer, may be this will help.
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If you want to go to a trainer. But my shih-poo is 3 months and he bites well he is teething. Bascially you have to change the tone of your voice when you train him. When you tell him no make sure you look in his eyes and firmly with a louder voice than usual say NO! Hope this helps but remember they dont respond to hittin them.
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Since your Shihpoo is not a puppy, and you adopted him, you don't know what bad experiences he may have had from "grooming" activities.Go slowly and patiently but firmly, persistently, and consistently. Let him smell the grooming implements to his heart's content-when he loses interest, pet him with the implement all over his body, letting him smell it if he gets curious or nervous. Gently, calmly, and quietly praising him while petting him with the implement. If it is a brush, petting him does not mean brushing. If it makes noise, pet him with it off and quiet for several minutes until he's calm and uninterested in the implement. Then repeat all of the above with it making noise--very important to let him smell/investigate this noisy, intimidating thing and associate it with calmness and affection from you. Don't start it close to him or behind him (like it's sneaking up on him, attacking from behind ,etc.) Be prepared to spend a long time with this.
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As for biting you when you went near his painful mouth,that's pretty understandable I'd think. ANY animal in pain is likely to try to protect the painful area from further harm-they don't know we mean to help.
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