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We have only had our Yorkiepoo puppy a few weeks and took him to the vet the day after we got...

We have only had our Yorkiepoo puppy a few weeks and took him to the vet the day after we got him and had him checked over. He has a cough so he was put on an antibotic. Still had it at the next appt 2 wks later so this round of meds almost 3 weeks now. It is no better. Do they have allergies? It's almost like a coughing wheeze. Doesn't matter if he's inside or out. But it is worse at times. Any ideas?

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It could be Kennel Cough, which can be very serious if proper medical attention is not there for treatment. My Yorkie-Poo sometimes get little spasms of coughing. I think its just doggy bronchitis. It hasnt really bothered him. Having a dog of that size is best to keep them indoors. Yes dogs can have allergies. Since they are so small they end up really close to the ground. Therefore they end up with dirt and everything else in the grass up there nose and in there eyes weather they can help it of not. Its really helpful to keep your grass cut short.
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We have 2 Yorkiepoo's - they are sisters.They also had a round of meds for cough.But they still cough at night alot like they have a hair ball.I'm waiting for vet to call me back.If anyone has an answer to this problem please let know.
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It is called kennel cough and even treated with meds it can last 4 to 6 weeks. The vet will put pressure on an area of their throat and if the puppy coughs then its kennel cough. It can be contracted from any other dog like people pass colds. Most of the time rescue dogs get it in shelters.
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My Cockapoo has a collapsing trachia and now and again starts making this coughing sound. The vet says to just have her relax and it will stop, it is true. I wonder if that is what it could be ?
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We have a 12 week Yorkiepoo and she had a bad cough and it ended with a gag or sneeze sound. Took to vet and he found fibers in her stool. I think maybe she was pulling on bedding or carpets. Put her on antibiotic and tussin dm- only 3 drops. I put pillow case over bedding and no toys with like lamb fibers. Took a few days and she has stopped the cough!
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