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I have just purchased a westipoo she is lovely but have had a few problems, firstly I changed...

I have just purchased a westipoo she is lovely but have had a few problems, firstly I changed her food from dried biscuits as she had terrible upset tummy very runny poo. She is now on a Heathly balance which is a meat product but she is loosing all her coat on the backs of her legs tail and bottom end. She also is itching her ears all the time and making them bleed. Any advice should I take her to the vet or could it be her food? Thank you for any info that may help her skin problem

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I have a westipoo and he is adorable. He had the same allergy problem that your girl has. He licked and chewed his hind side so much that his little tail bled. He pulled his hair out around his lower hind quarters wherever he could reach. I was told that he likely has an allergy to chicken. I took him comletely off chicken and things began to settle down. I changed his food to venison put out by Ziwi peak. He is still scratching and itching with his coat being on the dry side. I have him wear a soft cloth neck doughnut (at home only) that I had for long airline trips. He likes it and doesn't pull it off ... I always tell him how handsome he looks. I was told that it may take a couple of months for the new food. Also I know that his walking around on grass and ivy makes matters worse. Your girl should see a vet because of the ears. She likely has an ear infection, and that is very painful.
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Hi, my westiepoo is 20 months old and still a handful. They have terribly hairy ears, you might want to buy some dog ear tweezers, my husband holds her and i have to pluck. Horrid job and the poor dog hates it but she gets nasty ear infections if we dont do it. This needs to be part of your regular grooming routine I'm afraid. Also, i'm sure your vet will have told you by now, if your pup has inherited westie eczema then she will need to be on a wheat/gluten free diet as this wont aggravate her skin. Kind regards, Lilian
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It is her food. Change her food to Costco brand kirkland premium puppy food. It is a inexpensive high quility dog food with no corn, wheat, additives or preservatives. It is good, like buffalo blue, or eukanubu, with out the high cost. We do rescue and have many dogs that come to us with skin issues, stomach issues and this food works every time. Chicken and rice formula is better for sensitive stomachs. Give no treats for a few weeks, then use cooked chicken for training treats, and get treats that are made by high quality dog food companies, check ingredients. Do not use Science Diet dog food. Vets always switch dogs to this and it is baad food, vets get a kick back for selling it. Just tell them you will use a different brand, but she will need to be seen for her ears, may be mites, and prednisone or cortisone to stop the allergic reaction. It msy tske up to three weeks to see hair change.
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Westies tend to have skin allergies. Try Science dietd/d rice and eggs dog food. We gave it to our Westie and he never had skin problems or tummy problems.
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go to the vet and they will tell you what to do!! HOPE SHE GETS BETTER!! :(
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Food definitely plays a role but your westipoo's reactions sound bad enough that you should visit the vet to see what can be done to ease the symptoms and help get back to a normal state! Only give premium dog food, may be more expensive, but worth it as an investment in your dog's health. May even be cheaper in the long-run with vet expenses you avoid in having a healthy dog! Premium natural brands are: Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Pet Botanics, Castor & Pollux, Nature's Recipe, Avoderm, Nutro Ultra. Basically brands from only the first aisle of dog food in pet stores like Petsmart/Petco. You can usually save by buying when these brands are discounted as on sale (usually $3). If your dog has allergies, it's safest to stick to grain-free, minimal ingredient, sensitive formulas. Hope your dog gets well quick -- and don't delay, the sooner you see a vet and make the necessary changes the sooner your dog will be on their way to recovery!
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all small breed especially toys, need real food. do the B.A.R.F diet its clean, keeps them healthy longer, no allergies,and non-smelly poop, no fleas ITS CHEAPER TOO. my dog gains weight, stops itching, stop yeasts, and got glossy fur.
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