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We have a westipoo. Shanell is her name, she barks and barks all the time. She is almost 4...

We have a westipoo. Shanell is her name, she barks and barks all the time. She is almost 4 months old,I got her at 7 weeks. I take her for walks, she plays outside and has lots of toys. I also cannot get her potty trained. She just won't do it out side or even let me know when she has to go. We also have an 18yr. old teri-poo that isn't but 2lbs and Shanell is awful with her. We need some help with this dog, constant barking...and pottying in the house!!

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We have a Westie/Poodle/Jack Russell Mix, and we just love this dogs to bits. The father was a white JR and very calm, the mother was the Westie/Poo. The dog is adorable and everyone loves him. He is 4 years of age and definitely is a family member. Rescue dogs are great, but one never knows their temperament. A neighbor of ours had a rescue dog that attacked our dog for no reason and we had serious vet bills that the other owner had to pay. We have our dogs glands done about every six weeks, and overall, this is the best dog we have had. Love a Mutt!
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The smartest thing I did was to take my westiepoo to puppy obedience training (Petco and Petsmart offer these classes). Not only did I get great tips on housebreaking and other puppy issues, it improved his attention level.
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We have a 10 month old Westipoo. We got her when she was 7 weeks old. We used a bell hung by the stairs leading to the door and everytime we took her out to do her business we made her ring the bell. She caught on very quickly and she did not have any accidents after that. Maybe try that if you can. We also have been doing obedience classes and now she is comfortable around other dogs. She does growl a little but will never bite. Hopefully she gets past that soon. Good luck - try the bell.
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