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We are fostering a westipoo,and she seems to be snappy at our cats and other dogs.She is...

We are fostering a westipoo,and she seems to be snappy at our cats and other dogs.She is obsessed with the female guardian in every family she has been to.Is there a way to get her to love other animals or are we going to have to adopt her out to a family with no pets.She is a very sweet dog i am going to get her shaved up to try and make her look a little more appealing.Her previous family let all her facial hair get matted,and the knots are making her head appear to be really red.We bathed her with the soothing shampoo and she did stop scratching her back-cause she did have it bleeding.She attacks our cheweenie that is a foster dog also-she has found a home-but i don't want the westi to beat her up.I did have them in the house,but the westi had to go to the outdoor kennel cause she couldn't get along at all with anyone else.She doesn't bond to other animals.(at all)the kittens are afraid of her.Do your westipoo's seemed to be thirsty all the time?

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We own a westipoo that I have raised from a puppy and he is the kindest, gentlest dog you could imagine. We have 3 cats and 4 dogs and they all get along well. All animals, cats and dogs alike, need to know who is the boss (that being YOU). A Westipoo is half terrier, so you have to establish a firm but loving hand with them. Once they know, they respect and mind you. Giving and withholding treats is a great way to train. If your Westipoo growls at another animal, tell her "No" and place her in her cage for a time out. I hope this helps. Do know that an animal is only as good as it's owner. If it has been mistreated or spoiled, it will take much time and persistence to undo the bad behavior learned. You have to determine whether you have the time and desire to retrain the dog. Westipoos are very intelligent, sweet dogs by nature.
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