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We have an 8 week old westipoo and she is nipping and biting quite a bit. We understand that...

We have an 8 week old westipoo and she is nipping and biting quite a bit. We understand that she is teething but she tends to go for our hands and her bites hurt. We are not sure how to get her to stop. Any ideas?? Also she freaks out when we leave her in her crate when we go to work. It breaks my heart - any ideas how to make this easier on all of us?

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We have a Kone that we fill with a type of dog food which is a bit like pate, or you could use peanut butter or the special pate that you can get for the Kone. We give it to our westipoo when we put him in his crate as we leave the house....he doesnt know we have gone!
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Take heart...my westiepoo also was very bad about nipping at our hands when he was a young pup. Very seldom now (he is 2 yrs.) - only when he is overly excited. I too give him a treat when he goes in his crate. Your puppy will imitate your emotions - if you act sorry and apologetic for putting him in his crate, he will play on that. My Jimi recognizes yhe words "I'll be right back" and settles down very contentedly. Try putting her in her crate with a treat while you are home. She should learn to consider her crate as her haven.
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I have a 10 week old who is VERY energetic and likes to pinch. You must remember this is only a playful sign and not aggresive. Make sure your pup has plenty of chew toys and noisy toys to play with. if mine nips i just say a firm NO which he understands and divert his attention with a toy. He has puppy teeth and until his adu;lt teeth come through (16 weeks ) he will continue this. I do not leave mine in a crate as he is well behaved on his own with his toys and he generally sleeps. I make sure when i am going out i say bye so he knows im going out, when i go to bed i say night.
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