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I got a Mal shi for Christmas and he's great! But he seemed to be more puppy pad trained when I...

I got a Mal shi for Christmas and he's great! But he seemed to be more puppy pad trained when I got him! For the most part, he is not home alone, but when he is, he uses the puppy pads to pee, but when we are home, he seems to be using the carpet more. How do I break him of this? Anytime I see him sniffing around, I take him over to his puppy pad and if he has an accident, I put the "accident" on the pad, but this does not seem effective. I am also having problems getting the brown stain from his eyes. I bought some cleaning pads at the pet store, but they do absolutley nothing! I heard distilled water helps for drinking water as tap water has alot of iron in it, but I don't know if this is a myth?

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As for the peeing, mal-shis like to pee privately. That is the reason he pees on his puppy pad when your not home. So move your pee pad to somwhere closed or private. BUT when u do this, make sure ur puppy knows where the pad is! Put him on the pad and let him sniff it! As for the brown stains, i have been having the same problems with my dog. Here's a site i found that might be effective?
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Have you tried angel eyes at Now if the peeing becomes a big problem get a long lead put it around your arm or waist. This may seem mean but it only takes 1-3 days to teach your dog to let you know when he/she wants out. Dogs do not like to pee in their area so the pup will tug on the lead if he/she need to go pee. Good luck a groomer
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Its true - distilled water helps. Also keep your Mal shi's face as dry as possible.
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My buff colored malshi's eyes would get a red stain. Nothing I tried worked well. Wellness "Five" dry dog food for puppies was recommended. It is more expensive, but the red is completely gone. At first we mixed it with the food he had been eating until it was gone. Now he only eats Wellness brand. I highly recommend it.
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Try Angeleyes! Works awesome on my maltese.
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Do not use angel eyes until Mal shi is 7-8 mos. It will kill good bacteria in the puppy. We did this and almost lost our little one. It was working until she got sick. This advice on age came from our vet.
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My breeder recommended using Purina Pro Plan for Puppies with Lamb and Rice to help with the tear stains. She said she was noticing it more with the regular Purina One for Puppies. Also, my vet told me to wet gauze squares with water, and wipe down the puppies eyes every day. This helps clean the tear stains, and also removes any bacteria that can get in his eyes which can cause infection.
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