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Are Malshi's likely to rip up furniture if your out for a few hours? Are they a good family...

Are Malshi's likely to rip up furniture if your out for a few hours? Are they a good family dog? Are they good around other pets? Are they good around children (teenagers) How to toilet train? How much food do they eat? How much does it cost for everything for them? Any other info is helpful Thanks in advance :)

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MKal-Shi's are good with other dogs, cats and children. Very very loving dog. Ours eats dry and can mix about two cups a day and she stays fit easy to potty trian needs grooming
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/9/2011 6:09:36 PM

My malshi does like to eat shoes and would probably like to tear up furniture. She is bad to take socks/paper and tear them up, but only to be playful.
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I just got a new Malshi and I love her so much! No, they will not rip up your furniture if you provide chewing toys for them. This is true for all dogs because their teeth are falling out and need something hard to chew on (I reccomend Flossies). They are a great family dog and everyone in my family loves her and she loves them. We have another dog as well, who is very territorial, and they get along fine. I would reccomend socialization from birth, as this helps with all breeds. My Malshi is extremely easy to potty train and after a couple of weeks she is almost accident-free. They eat as puppies 1/4 cup (well atleast with my dog). She is part minature (her maltese mom was a mini), and will only get to 6lbs full grown. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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