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Hello- My parents just adopted an 11 week old maltipoo pup, who is super cute but not overly...

Hello- My parents just adopted an 11 week old maltipoo pup, who is super cute but not overly playful, as I would expect most puppies to be. He'll play a little bit but very gently and then plop down and sometimes fall to sleep. It seems as though he would rather lounge then play, is this normal for an 11 week old puppy of any breed, let alone a maltipoo? It's fine if he does wanna be mellow, as my parents are older, but I just want to be sure as they just lost their last rescue after he was hit by a car, so I don't want anything to be wrong with this little fellow. Also, we went for the initial vet visit and the vet says he's pretty healthy aside from a minor skin irritation from being left in a yard somewhere flea-ridden - he is on antibiotics, so my first thought is possibly that he is a little under the weather but just want to be sure. Any insight would be much appreciated. thanks very much Lucianne Hill

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Puppies tend to take a lot of naps throughout the day, especially after playing. Oatmeal shampoo is good for his skin. Cortisone spray is good if he's itching.
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My puppy was kinda the same way. She didn't wag a lot or act overly puppy like. After a few weeks she became adjusted and attached. She is very loving and never meets a stranger. She takes LOTS of naps and sleeps all night with us. We got her at 2 months old and she is now 5 months. She will get excited and active when we want to play and she will just as easily mellow out and just lay in our laps. I hope this helps and I'm glad to know she isn't the only puppy like that. Maybe it's a maltipoo thing. Lol
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my maltipoo was the same for about a month and now at 4 months shes a ball of energy, you just gotta give her time to warm up to you. just give her a lot of tlc. so leave the trainning til after she warms up to you
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If they got your maltipoo at 11 wks it may take some time to adjust to the new environment. Fleas can make them anemic so feed good food.
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My maltipoo is 1 1/2 yrs old and she's always been that way. She plays alittle but loves to lay around. She is healthy and not over weight. Very gentle. She likes short walks and when she's done she lays down. I was concerned at first but the vet said shes fine, she just a mellow girl. Hope this helps. But when she sees a cat she's all happy and playful. Funny!
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